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What’s Holding You Back From a Career in TEFL?


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What’s holding you back from a career in TEFL? Why haven’t you gone for it yet? Well after living and breathing this industry for over a decade, we’ve experienced it all. And we’re here to tell you that those fears and anxieties are 100% normal. Keep reading to learn the top fears that might be holding you back from a career in TEFL and how to overcome each one.


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#1 “I’m going to be homesick”

Homesickness is an inevitable part of moving away from home. Whether you’re staying within your own country or moving abroad, everyone can feel that twinge of sadness at the thought of being separated from their loved ones. However, homesickness can also be a great teacher and a stepping stone for greater personal growth. It teaches you WHAT you love most in your life. And, more importantly, it shows you WHO is really important in your life. In a way that almost nothing else can, homesickness helps you get your priorities straight.

On a side note, if your homesickness ever gets to be too much – there is always, ALWAYS the option to go back to your former life. And that might just be the most reassuring item on this list. It’s never too late to try something new, and there’s never any shame in deciding that something isn’t for you. So really what’s the harm in giving it a try?

#2 “I can’t speak a second language”

For the majority of TEFL jobs, speaking a second language isn’t even on the radar of requirements. You’re a teacher, not a translator. It’s very rare that an EFL teacher will be teaching the language from zero. As far as living goes, unless you’re planning to go somewhere REALLY rural, there are English speakers who can help. Gradually you’ll learn bits and pieces of the language to get through your daily life. And actually, not knowing a second language can be a huge asset to you as a teacher. It will help you relate to your students’ struggles and therefore be better equipped to help them.

#3 “I don’t have a degree in Education”

There are three things you need in order to teach English abroad – and an Education degree isn’t one of them. First, you need to be a fluent English speaker. This means a native speaker or you have documentation like IELTS, TOEIC or TOEFL that show proof of your fluency. Second, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in any field. It doesn’t matter if it’s in history, math, science or the arts. Finally, you need to have a TEFL certification from an accredited organization (like TEFLPros!). With these three items checked off your list, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an EFL teacher.

#4 “I only want to teach for 6 months”

This is what a lot of people say…and then they end up staying for 3 years! But if you are really only able to teach for 6 months, there are ways to make it work. A lot of schools need teachers so badly that they are willing to take you without a full year commitment. There are also lots of volunteer organizations who can place you for a short period of time. These volunteer opportunities are typically unpaid, but 6 months of a dream job is better than 0 months!


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