We are delighted that our TEFL Certificate Course has achieved
accreditation through ACCREDITAT.


TEFLPros’ course not only has a fresh and modern appeal, but it also has content that is thorough and inspiring. Jos and Whitney have done an excellent job in creating a course with a consistent structure from start to finish, which I have learned through experience is essential for long-term student success.
Jos and Whitney are true TEFL Professionals.”

– Tom Greenan, CEO of ACCREDITAT

ACCREDITAT Accreditation

ACCREDITAT, based in Scotland, UK, is an international accreditation body which sets rigorous standards for accreditation of TEFL companies.
Companies accredited by ACCREDITAT have met their demanding
standards in 4 key areas:

the ethics and integrity of their operation
the high capability, extensive knowledge and expertise of their tutors
the calibre of their assessment
the high quality of their course

We are proud that our 120 hour TEFL Certificate Course has been accredited by ACCREDITAT. This means all our students can be confident they are receiving the best TEFL education available, scrutinized and validated by ACCREDITAT. For more information about the stringent accreditation standards we have met, please take time to view the Accreditation Standards.

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