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3 Tips for a Calmer Classroom

tips for a calmer classroom


With summer break soon upon us, it’s only natural that things get a little rowdy in the classroom.  So what better time to revisit some techniques to combat the crazy? Keep reading to learn 3 of our tips for maintaining a calmer classroom this season. 


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“Teacher! Teacher! Game! Teacher! Game! Teacher!”

Got a noisy class who could use some taming? We’ve all been there. Sometimes classroom management can be a real challenge. And if you’re a new teacher who is just learning the ropes, it can be especially tricky.

With that said, any time is a good time to brush up on your classroom management skills. So here are 3 tips we use for creating a calmer classroom environment.


Raise your hand

How it works: When you raise your hand, all the students in the class must be quiet and also raise their hands before you (the teacher) speaks. You will have to explain this process to your students and practice a few times before it becomes part of your classroom routine.

Why it works: This technique is a good way to get everyone quieted down and refocused on the task at hand. Plus it works great for both kids and adults!


Introduce a merit-based system

How it works: There are all sorts of ways to do this. One example is with a star chart. At the end of each class, award 3 stars subjectively to the students whom you feel were exhibiting good behavior, participation, control, etc. This makes it fair for everyone because the weak and strong students are on an even playing field. At the end of the term, the students can redeem their stars for prizes. 

Why it works: With this activity the point is that the teacher uses positive, rather than negative reinforcement. This helps encourage the students and keep everyone focused on a positive outcome. Also, using a chart allows for everyone to see each other’s progress. This can help with team building and group morale in the classroom environment. 


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Silent Mode

How it works: In a classroom, assuming you have good students (who just get a little too rowdy), they likely still respect the teacher figure. If they are not paying attention while you try to give instructions, stop talking and stand in front of the class calmly in complete silence until everyone quiets down. Just stand there, awkwardly and quietly. Do you feel a bit uncomfortable just thinking about this? They will too and it will likely get everyone quieted down enough for you to continue with your lesson.

Why it works: There’s something about awkward silence that seems to affect people. If you can be persistent with this technique, you will find that those awkward pauses become shorter and shorter. 


Try out some of these tactics in your class and see how it goes! Hopefully you’ll be able to restore peace and order and get on with your lessons in a way that’s better for everyone. For more help inside the classroom, check out our article on 4 Grammar Reference Books That Will Change Your Life! 

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