Get the inside scoop on what you need to know to have a successful career Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

TEFLPros’ founders Jos and Whitney believe:

People shouldn’t have to gamble when it comes to their education. 
A certificate without the skills to back it up is worthless.
Education equals empowerment.
Improving teacher education means improving the quality of life for students worldwide.

We have developed a modern TEFL certification course to serve today's digital learner.

Let us introduce ourselves....

Watch our intro video to learn more about Jos and Whitney and what inspired them to create the TEFLPros 120 Hour Digital Course.


We are proud to be accredited by ACCREDITAT, a world leader


 TEFLPros’ course not only has a fresh and modern appeal, but it also has content that is thorough and inspiring. Jos and Whitney have done an excellent job in creating a course with a consistent structure from start to finish, which I have learned through experience is essential for long-term student success.
Jos and Whitney are true TEFL Professionals.”

– Tom Greenan, CEO of ACCREDITAT

How to have a successful TEFL career

Do you want to have a successful career teaching English as a foreign language?

We offer assurance that the skills you are learning are relevant and practical.
What you need to land a paying job!


What I like about TEFLPros’ curriculum is that it does a solid job of training new teachers how to think about teaching—how to analyze and criticize their own performance as a teacher—so that they can ultimately be successful in a variety of educational environments around the world.”

– Travis, TEFL Teacher

The TEFLPros 120 Hour Digital TEFL Course Includes:


Fully Accredited Content
by our partner ACCREDITAT


10 Modules
of core course material, plus one Bonus module of teacher resources


32 Units
arranged in an intuitive order that helps you build your skillset step-by-step


Lesson Planning Step-by-Step Video Instruction
which guide you through the lesson planning of 10 full example lessons


17 Hours of In-Classroom Observation Videos
led by certified TEFL teachers that provide you with perspective on how to lead a successful class start to finish


Text Documents
for every unit that fully explain each technique, method, and idea


9 Trainer Chat Videos
that offer the personal insights of Jos and Whitney on a variety of relevant TEFL topics


Explanatory Videos
for every unit in which Jos and Whitney go into greater detail on the ins and outs of the content


Worksheets and Assignments
that go hand-in-hand with your unit topics, helping you to brainstorm and SYNTHESIZE what you have learned


Quizzes and Assessments
that focus on your retention of key information, not on understanding random facts


A Professional Portfolio
of your work to show future employers


The course covers exactly the same material as an in-person course, but with the flexibility working mothers like myself would appreciate. The combination of solid coursework delivered via Jos and Whitney’s down-to-earth style would make anyone new to teaching feel comfortable and confident stepping into the classroom.”

– Ruby, TEFL Teacher

All TEFLPros Graduates Will Receive:

A Graduate Packet
including a TEFLPros Certificate of Course Completion and an ACCREDITAT Certificate, normally purchased separately for GBP 20, but provided free on this course
A Professional Portfolio
to be used on job interviews
Bonus Materials
from TEFLPros including The TEFLPros Activity Book, The TEFLPros Interview and Resume Guide, and 6 interviews with real TEFL teachers on their experiences
Full Access
to the ACCREDITAT library of resources

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