The TEFLPros Story

If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, you have to begin by improving yourself. TEFLPros founder Whitney takes this sentiment to heart.

Whitney’s Story

Whitney, founder of TEFLProsHi there! My name’s Whitney and I’m the founder and owner of TEFLPros. My journey began over 10 years ago when I was a student at UNC. I had always dreamed of traveling the world and a study abroad program in France during my Junior year was the catalyst that set that dream into motion. Fast forward to now and I’ve lived in Europe and Asia for the past decade. My transition from being a study abroad student to being an adult working abroad came in the form of a TEFL training course and later a teacher trainer course.

Some common trends became clear to me after years of teaching English to non-native speakers and training new teachers. Many new teachers at my school didn’t have the basic foundation needed to be successful in the classroom. Now, I truly understand how difficult it is to be a new teacher – there is a lot of learning that has to take place “on the job”. However, time and time again, I would see that our school’s mentoring program was left to pick up the slack when it came to core concepts and strategies. And that is where my research began.

I started gathering ideas, techniques and strategies that worked well for me. I also looked into other programs, in particular online TEFL courses, to see where these gaps in knowledge were coming from.

In 2015, the concept for TEFLPros began to take form. Our team continues to work long and hard to refine and develop material that is both practical and meaningful for the classroom. It is our hope that when you complete our course you will have a toolbox full of ideas, strategies and skills that will make your transition into TEFL teaching and living abroad a breeze!

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