We Have the A's to Your Q's

Q: How long does it take to complete the course?

A: While study times can differ from person to person, participants who can dedicate some time each day to the course typically finish within 6 weeks. Participants who are working and studying simultaneously often finish within 2-3 months.

Q: How long do I have access to the course?

A: Your student portal will remain active for 18 months following purchase. Given that most participants finish within 2-3 months, this allows for a lot of flexibility should you need it. All core materials on the program are downloadable for future reference.

Q: Is the entire course online?

A: Yes, the entire course is delivered online. As a participant, you have access to a student portal, links for weekly zoom coaching calls, and access to our private Facebook membership group.

Q: Where can I access the course from?

A: The course can be accessed from any device that has internet access. We are compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Q: When can I begin the course? Do you have set course dates or is it open enrollment?

A: You can start as soon as you register. It is open enrollment and self-paced. That means you can study on your own schedule.

Q: How do I register for the course?

A: To register for the course, simply click this link to book your free Strategy Session with our team. Once it is confirmed that the course is a good fit for your needs, you may register while on the call.

Q: Why do I need a Strategy Session?

A: A Strategy Session is required as a first step to registering for the course for several reasons. First, we understand that deciding to get TEFL certified is a big moment and often comes with questions. We want you to have time to talk through this with an industry expert. Second, our course involves a lot of face-to-face interaction with peers and training staff. Vetting each participant prior to their enrollment allows us to make sure the program is a good fit on both sides.

Q: Is this course accredited?

A: Yes, our course is fully accredited by ACCREDITAT. Check out our Accreditation page for more information.

Q: I’m a mid-career professional looking for a change. Is TEFL right for me?

A: One thing we love to do is bust industry myths. The notion that everyone who pursues TEFL is a fresh college grad, is simply that – a MYTH. Over our time in the industry, we have seen people from all walks of life and all stages of life find fulfillment in becoming an EFL teacher. If you are still curious about this question, we encourage you to book a free Strategy Session with our team to go deeper into your specific situation.

Q: I don’t have any prior teaching experience. Is that okay?

A: Absolutely! Most people enter TEFL without any prior experience.

Q: Do I need to have any prior qualifications to sign up?

A: All of our participants must be fluent in the English language. If you are not a native speaker of English, then this will be up to your own discretion.

If you are a non-native speaker and have taken a standardized English test, we recommend a minimum score of the following for each test:


IELTS – 7.5-9.0

TOEIC – 785-990

TOEFL IBT – 100-120

Q: Describe your “typical” participant.

A: Our typical participant is someone who understands that speaking English fluently and teaching English well are two very different things. They are committed to putting in the hard work so that they can truly add value to their future students.

Q: Do you help me get a job?

A: Job support is something we take very seriously. Check out our Job Assistance page for more information.

Q: I ONLY want to teach online. Is this course the right fit for me?

A: It depends. If you’re purely interested in making some quick cash on the side teaching online and don’t see moving abroad to teach in-person in your future, you might be better served by a less intensive course. However, due to the practical skill-building focus of our course, you will come out fully prepared for teaching in any classroom environment – whether that be in-person, online or a hybrid of both!

Q: How do I get support while on the course?

A: Quality support is essential when learning to become a great teacher. Once registered, you will be connected with our customer service team, our weekly live coaching sessions, and our private Facebook group.

Q: Is there a practical element?

A: Yes. In fact, TEFLPros is an online course that puts a strong emphasis on the practical skills needed to become an effective instructor. On the course you will watch over 17 hours of real teachers teaching real lessons. In addition, you are required to complete lesson plans (which we walk you through and provide feedback on) so that when you finish the course you’re ready to hit the ground running with a solid portfolio to show employers.

Q: How do the live coaching calls work?

A: Every week our training staff holds live coaching sessions for participants of the course. This is your opportunity to get your questions answered by industry professionals. It also gives you time to interact with your classmates and share perspectives on the field of teaching.

Q: Can you explain pricing in this industry? Why do I see so much variation?

A: TEFL training programs vary widely from digital textbooks that offer no assistance to hands-on training programs that offer a great deal of personalized support. Our TEFLPros Plus course is focused on providing the closest thing to an in-person training experience that you can get online. To achieve this we offer group coaching sessions on a weekly basis, a high-quality curriculum designed to get you real results and personalized job assistance.

Sounds great! Sign me up!