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The TEFLPros program is exactly as advertised and was what I needed. They gave some great tips and practices with plenty of videos of teachers implementing lessons discussed. This is a great course, especially for someone who may have never taught before. As someone who has taught, a lot of what they said was basically putting into words how I thought about teaching.
I am glad I chose TEFLPros, I really enjoyed the course! Each unit is very clear and the course went really smoothly. I feel now prepared and ready to teach! Stop looking for any other TEFL course and apply for this one!
I spent a couple of weeks researching TEFL courses and ultimately went with TEFLPROS because I liked the syllabus more than others I saw. I really appreciate the activity guide they provide as well as the recordings of actual classes! I feel very prepared. They're also really quick to answer any questions you may have. I definitely recommend this course!

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