Why TEFLPros?

Whitney, founder of TEFLPros

Real Value for the Real World

“In today’s world, people are struggling with how to design a career that is sustainable in an ever-changing environment. They are looking for high-quality and interactive online course options that suit their lifestyle and give them relevant training for a paying career.”
— Whitney, TEFLPros founder

Does Your TEFL Course Have What You Need?

Is it fully accredited?


Do you have regular access to your trainers?


Is the coursework high-quality?


Is the material practical and easy-to-follow?


Does it have multimedia to keep you engaged?


Can you study at your own pace?


Can you study from anywhere in the world?

In the past there were
in-person courses and conventional online courses

In-person TEFL courses provided quality instruction and skill-building. But they came with strict schedules for instruction and studying, no flexibility in class location, intensive timelines which made working while studying next to impossible, and costly “hidden fees” like transportation, room and board, and loss of wages.

On the other hand, conventional online TEFL courses offered time flexibility, location independence, and cost savings. But they often came up short due to low quality of instruction, zero accountability, and lackluster course materials.

So what’s the solution?

TEFLPros online TEFL training and certification

By combining high-quality instruction, full accreditation and practical skill-building techniques with dozens of real-life classroom and instructional videos, TEFLPros brings Real Value to an Online Education.

TEFLPros Checks ALL the Boxes

Live Weekly Coaching Calls
Full Accreditation
Self-Paced Design
High-Quality Instruction
Practical Skill-Building
Job Assistance

All in a digital format that keeps you engaged and
motivated to learn!

“TEFLPros was my first ever online course experience. I liked how we got to be creative and think like teachers when we created lesson plans and I loved watching the lesson plans we learned about being put into action during the live classroom videos. It was great!”
—Katharine, USA

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Whitney, founder of TEFLPros

There’s nothing else like it!

“Our goal at TEFLPros is to prepare you for the real world of teaching English as a foreign language. Whether you’re a fresh college grad looking to expand your horizons or a mid-career professional looking to take life in a new direction, we give you the tools you need to be an effective instructor.”
— Whitney, TEFLPros founder

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