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Getting Your First TEFL Job

We get it, you’re nervous about finding a job.

That’s really the end goal of taking a TEFL course, right? To get a great job teaching English. We understand how you feel, we totally felt that way once too, but rather than capitalize on your fears and inexperience like some TEFL schools and offer “a guaranteed job within 30 days”, we want to tell you the real story.

So here it is:

Those “guarantees” are not what you think, and here’s why:

In most countries, schools need to SEE you to HIRE you. Plain and simple. Not just see a TEFL certificate, but actually see you in person. That means you need to go there. If you get a job at a school that doesn't want to see you, it’s probably not where you want to be. The opportunity to visit the location and meet your potential employer is ultimately a big factor in your future job satisfaction.

Go there?! So scary, right? Wrong! English teachers are in HIGH demand all over the world and the demand is only increasing, which means schools NEED you. You have the power.

What do we offer?

At TEFLPros Jos and Whitney believe in providing solid skills and information to help you make the most of your time teaching abroad. On your TEFLPros course you will gain:

Confidence through solid skill-building in key areas like lesson planning, grammar review, and classroom management that give you that added boost when you walk into any school looking for a job.
Interview Prep through the “TEFLPros Interview and Resume Guide” with accompanying video, that provide you with tips on what to expect from a TEFL Interview and how to properly prepare.
A Professional Portfolio which you can take with you on your job interviews.
Perspective on classroom culture in the form of 17 hours of real-life classroom video footage.
Two valuable certificates –  One hard copy and one electronic copy of your TEFLPros Certificate.

The choice is yours. Do you want to sign up for a course that intimidates you or empowers you?

I want a course that empowers me!

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