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With such uncertain times facing the world right now, online job opportunities open doors to provide extra income from the comfort of your own home. Thankfully, those who hold a TEFL certificate have a wealth of ‘Work From Home’ (WFH) opportunities to teach English online — you just need to know where to look! 

While you may be under the impression that TEFL qualifications are reserved for those who want to teach abroad, have you thought to teach English online?! A TEFL certificate allows you to teach English online to a variety of audiences in various different formats. 

At TEFLPros, we’re dedicated to providing practical job assistance to help our TEFL students find the perfect placements to teach English from wherever they are. If you’re looking for online opportunities to work from home, consider taking an ESL course with TEFLPros today to unlock all these potential WFH positions. 

Teach English Online to Kids 

For those who enjoy the classroom setting, there are a plethora of online English schools that offer group English classes to children around the world. With a TEFL in your back pocket, you can unlock these classroom-style positions with several online English teaching companies worldwide.


One of the most successful online English schools, QKids takes on US and Canada-based candidates looking to teach English classes of up to 4 students. While you don’t need a degree (you do need to at least be pursuing one), a reputable TEFL certificate is a must to be an online English teacher for QKids. The school provides all teaching materials and technical support for your classes, with salaries of $16-$20 an hour (plus $100 bonuses for recommending new English teachers). 


SayABC’s online ESL teachers work with small class sizes of children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old. Classes run for 40 minutes and teachers earn up to $17 an hour, with a $4 incentive per class. The company only hires native English speakers with a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL. Teaching experience is preferred but not necessary. All lesson plans and materials are provided on their learning platform, supported by National Geographic. 


A German company, Lingoda offers small groups of students a traditional classroom setting over Skype. While many online teaching schools require teachers to sync their working hours with China, Lingoda has lessons running over 24 hours, so you can choose your most suitable hours. Hourly rates for teaching online sit at around $11 an hour and Lingoda provides all learning materials and lesson plans. 

Teach One-On-One English Classes Online for Children

If you prefer to teach on an individual basis, lots of online English schools offer one-to-one English tutoring opportunities for those with a TEFL qualification. 


UK-based online English school, TwoSigmas, hosts one-to-one lessons for Chinese students. Teachers must have a Bachelor’s degree in education or linguistics along with a TEFL certification. All TwoSigmas teachers are required to have the legal right to work in the UK, US, or Canada, and experience teaching younger children is preferred. Lessons are compensated at $20 an hour. 


DaDaABC is a China-based language school offering solo lessons for Chinese students. The school provides all teaching materials on their comprehensive learning portal. Teachers must have a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL, and teaching experience is preferred. DaDaABC requires its teachers to provide interactive lessons with props and puppets to liven up the experience. Hourly rates range from $17 – $25 depending on experience. 

Hugo English 

A lesser-known China-based online English school, Hugo English offers one-on-one classes to children aged 5 – 16 years old. The school provides all ESL teaching materials for each online teacher to present over Skype. To qualify for teaching positions, English must be your mother tongue and you must hold a TEFL certificate from a reputable school, like TEFLPros. 

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Live Lingua 

Live Lingua provides one-to-one language lessons in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Korean, and more. Students come from all over the world and fall into all age groups. To teach English for Live Lingua, teachers must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, a TEFL, and over two years’ teaching experience. You must be a native English speaker and fluency in an additional language is preferred. You’ll be compensated $20 per hour. 

Teach English Online to Adults 

If teaching kids isn’t your bag, try presenting online English lessons to adults. With a TEFL certification, you’ll be qualified to help all ages learn English, so why not assist older students? 


Providing one-to-one lessons in a variety of languages, italki works as a marketplace for language teachers. You can set up your own curriculum, offering your classes at a rate of your choosing. You will be listed on the italki teaching listing, while the italki platform handles all bookings and payments for a 15% fee. Teachers offer lessons over Skype or other VOIP softwares. To be listed on italki as a language teacher, you must upload professional teaching certificates, including a Bachelor’s degree or higher and a TEFL qualification. 


Offering adult language lessons worldwide, Cambly provides a place for students to work on conversational English online. Where most Cambly students have already previously taken English courses, most are looking to either prepare for an exam or practice their conversational skills. Teachers can offer these informal conversational classes via their web browser or mobile device, with compensation packages of $0.17 a minute. 

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Topica Native 

This Vietnam-based English language school provides online lessons for Southeast Asian students. The platform is used by over 50,000 adults, who are mostly university students or international workers. Every online English tutor must be a native English speaker, have prior teaching experience, hold a Bachelor’s degree, and have a TEFL certificate. Topica Native provides all teaching materials and pays up to $16 an hour. 

Open English 

A Latin-American platform, Open English teaches English to small group classes of mainly native Spanish speakers. Teachers will be expected to deliver a curriculum provided by the school on their learning language platform, as well as completing feedback sessions with students. All teachers need a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL qualification and must commit to a minimum of 10 hours per week. Pay starts at $13.15 per hour. 

Teach English Online to Business Clients

While teaching Business English can be slightly more complex, ESL teachers who have completed a high-quality TEFL course will have no problem structuring lessons for institutional clients. 


Offering one-on-one lessons to students worldwide, Preply is a language tutoring marketplace where you can offer English language courses to business clients. While Preply offers language classes for all types of students, the platform has a dedicated section for Business English classes. Lessons are offered over Skype, and while teaching qualifications are not a necessity, a TEFL certificate dramatically increases your chances of being hired as a tutor. 


Learnlight provides English lessons to business professionals in over 100 countries. Teachers must commit to a fixed schedule for a minimum of 1 year, with rates starting at $11 an hour. Teachers provide one-to-one sessions, virtual group classes, specialist skills lessons, and level assessments. You must have completed a TEFL course and have 2+ years of teaching experience. 


Another marketplace for language teachers to offer business-level lessons, Verbling enables teachers to define their own rates. Teaching certificates are not a requirement but a TEFL increases your chances of finding clients. You must be a native speaker and have teaching experience in the language you are offering. 

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Providing both one-to-one lessons and group sessions, goFLUENT requires teachers to come from native English speaking countries (or the Philippines). Aimed at companies looking to train their staff, goFLUENT focuses on institutional business English, with a comprehensive e-learning portal. Teachers must commit to 15 hours per week with hourly rates ranging from $5 – $15 per hour. You must hold a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL qualification, and have at least 3 years’ teaching experience. 

Create and Sell Your Own ESL Course

Why not create evergreen content that enables clients to self-learn from your materials? Plenty of platforms offer software to help you build and market your own online English language courses.  


A relatively new platform, Teachable offers the tools to build a comprehensive online course and sell it on the Teachable marketplace. Create multimedia lectures that use video, images, text, and audio, along with tools to offer quizzes and certificates. Use the Teachable platform to offer promotions and coupons to your students, as well as providing an affiliate program to boost course sales. 


One of the top educational course platforms, Udemy courses reach up to 30 million students. Design English language video courses and host them on the Udemy marketplace. Teachers can build packages of courses or short specialized lessons. 


Not only does WizIQ enable ESL teachers to create courses to sell on your own website, but the platform also offers virtual classroom functionalities. Build courses that offer tests and assessments as well as self-paced and live learning components.

So What Next?

A top quality TEFL qualification is your route to online employment. Work from home teaching English to children, adults, and organizations all over the world directly from your computer. Whether you are looking to create your own course or teach a predetermined curriculum, a first-rate TEFL certificate from a highly reputable TEFL course will considerably increase your hire-ability. 

So, prepare yourself to work from home today with TEFLPros fully accredited online TEFL course. Our 120-hour course gives you all the skills and tools you need to confidently command the classroom and offer five-star English tutoring online.  

If you’re considering applying to teach English online, sign up for a TEFLPros course today to significantly improve your chances of working from home. 




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