Deliver More Engaging Online English Lessons in 2021. Here’s How!
April 16, 2020
work from home
WFH in 2021? – 5 Ingenious Ways to Teach English Online with a TEFL 
April 22, 2020
Deliver More Engaging Online English Lessons in 2021. Here’s How!
April 16, 2020
work from home
WFH in 2021? – 5 Ingenious Ways to Teach English Online with a TEFL 
April 22, 2020
Teach English online

A 2021 Guide to Choose the Best Online TEFL Programs [+ Avoid Bad Ones]


Teach English online


In the past, only in-person TEFL certification courses existed. This limited the availability of TEFL qualifications due to the intensive time demands of in-person training. However, thanks to the creation of online TEFL programs, those who want to become EFL teachers can become TEFL certified at their own pace. Not only that, but the global accessibility of online TEFL courses now means you can become TEFL certified from anywhere in the world.

Of course, the boom of online TEFL courses means better access to ESL teacher training. However, the problem comes in knowing how to distinguish good online TEFL programs from bad.

At TEFLPros, we believe in providing our students with the highest quality online TEFL education delivered in an insightful and approachable manner. That’s why we want to help you avoid sub-par TEFL certification courses that won’t give you this.

Here’s what to look out for when identifying good versus bad TEFL courses.

Choose Accredited Online TEFL Programs

Simply put, bad online TEFL programs generally aren’t accredited. This means their course hasn’t been quality tested by an independent body. As a consumer, this means you have no idea if the course content meets a high enough educational standard.

What’s worse, potential teaching job prospects won’t be able to tell if your TEFL qualification covers all you need for a teaching position. Schools like to know that your TEFL program is from an accredited institution so they can be assured of your level of knowledge.

While there is no single TEFL accrediting body, the best TEFL programs seek to prove their top quality with TEFL accreditation. By becoming accredited by a recognized authority in the TEFL industry, good TEFL certification providers can prove to you that their online TEFL program is well-delivered with comprehensive content.

Accreditation also helps with teaching job prospects. If your TEFL certification is internationally accredited, schools around the world feel assured by your level of education and teaching knowledge.

TESOL Accreditation - TESOL Direct


TEFLPros chose ACCREDITAT as our international recognizing body due to their stringent TEFL training standards for high-quality ESL education. ACCREDITAT recognition demonstrates that we operate with integrity, while providing the highest quality content from well-qualified, experienced TEFL trainers.

Choose Online TEFL Programs with Real English Teaching Experience

Low-caliber TEFL training tends to be text-heavy. This is because poor quality online TEFL programs are often pieced together with recycled information and lesson plans ripped from the internet. Often the founders of these programs don’t have teaching experience, so courses aren’t delivered by real TEFL trainers.

Superior TEFL certification programs provide a multimedia teaching experience where real-life, experienced TEFL teachers lead the lectures. Offering first-hand knowledge and hands-on teaching experience, first-rate TEFL programs are transparent about their founders, proudly showcasing their backgrounds.


TEFLPros online TEFL training and certification

TEFLPros is the brainchild of Whitney — a certified and extremely experienced EFL teacher and trainer who has worked overseas for a decade. She is committed to leveraging this worldwide experience to deliver sound TEFL education to future English teachers.

Jam-packed with real teacher interviews, real-life in classroom observations, and cultural awareness practices, the TEFLPros Plus online TEFL course truly prepares students for the realities of being an ESL teacher.

Choose Comprehensive TEFL Certifications

The internet is peppered with cheap TEFL courses, promising full qualification in less than 20 hours yet they masquerade as being 120 hours. An online TEFL course this short simply doesn’t provide enough time to cover all the necessary aspects of being an English teacher.

Often 20-hour crash courses lack comprehensive coursework and effective assessments, and simply skip out all classroom management skills and teaching practicum – both are necessary for online and in-person teaching.

The TEFL industry standard for a high-quality online TEFL program is 120 hours of coursework and assessment. This should cover lesson planning and content, as well as student interaction methods and classroom management techniques.

TEFLPros offers a 120-hour TEFL certification course that consists of 36 units across 12 modules. Students get access to weekly coaching calls, 17+ hours of real classroom observation, step-by-step planning video guides, quizzes, assignments, worksheets, and much more.

Choose TEFL Certification Courses that Provide Job Support

Poor quality TEFL providers offer a basic course, without any extras. These establishments rarely have connections to schools and offer no help with job prospects or preparation.

Equally, watch out for TEFL training courses that promise ‘guaranteed job placement’. These are often scams. If they are not a scam, the TEFL school is taking hundreds of dollars in kickback money to “place” you. TEFLPros has never taken money from recruiters to help our grads. 

Look for an online TEFL program that offers teaching job assistance and advice. Seek TEFL courses that provide help with writing a CV or portfolio, as well as preparing you for the classroom.

The best online TEFL programs have experience in supporting their grads as they take their next steps into the industry.

TEFLPros helps all students prepare a professional portfolio to assist with the job application process. We offer lifetime job assistance to all of our graduates. 

Choose Online TEFL Programs That Look After Course Graduates

One of the worst things about second-rate TEFL courses is that they limit alumni access to English teaching materials. Once graduated, students can no longer access material from the course and are rarely given teaching resources to take away.

Contrarily, the top online TEFL programs are filled with multimedia learning materials and English teaching resources throughout the course. This content should be accessible to graduates after they have finished the course. This helps you to recap on what you have learned.

Elite TEFL courses also provide bonus materials for graduates to take away. These usually include teaching resources and other guidance material.

At TEFLPros, we send our graduates home with a full Graduate Pack. This includes a professional teaching portfolio of lesson plans and feedback, the TEFLPros Activity Book, the TEFLPros Interview and Resume Guide, the TEFLPros Guide to Teaching English Online, and a bank of downloadable teaching aids. Additionally, all core course materials are downloadable so that you can access them whenever you need a refresher! 

Choose Highly-Recommended Online TEFL Programs

If the TEFL course you’re researching has bad reviews or has no reviews at all, run for the hills. If students are saying good things about your course, you let the world know. A lack of reviews suggests a course hasn’t got much to rave about.

Look to the course reviews and testimonials to distinguish the good online TEFL certification courses from the bad. Check specific TEFL review sites like GoOverseas and GoAbroad.

The TEFLPros reviews speak for themselves. With nothing but top-marks ratings, TEFLPros receives incredible feedback from our graduates.

Choose TEFLPros Today

There’s no time like the present to sign up to the most superior online TEFL program available — TEFLPros Plus 120-hour online TEFL course.




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