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Program Highlight: TeachDiscoverChina


teach discover china

Who We Are

TeachDiscoverChina (TDC) is a TEFL placement organization based in Sichuan, and we’ve been helping candidates find their perfect English teaching position in Sichuan and in other parts of China for over 20 years. We’re one of the first to widely support and introduce foreign teachers to the region. As a proud member of the Sichuan Education Association for International Exchange (SEAIE), an association under the guidance of the education department of Sichuan Province, we work with some of the best schools in the area, and have created a strong network of 100+ schools, from kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, to universities, and also reputable private language schools. Our aim is to provide a rewarding, safe and secure TEFL experience that not only allows you to inspire and make a difference through teaching English but also give you ample opportunity to travel and discover China. We do our best to match our candidates to their teaching preferences (salary, location, age group). Our focus has always been on the teachers themselves.

We provide two exciting programs:

  • TEFL internship Program Our short-term 4-5 months internship program is a great opportunity to taste the TEFL life and test your teaching skills in China to see if it’s really for you.
  • TEFL Teacher Program Our 1-year TEFL teacher program provides a secure long term TEFL position with a competitive salary allowing you to display your teaching abilities. It’s challenging and rewarding as a career opportunity and a life experience.

teacher in classroom


  • Be a native English speaker (from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada,
    New Zealand, South Africa or Ireland)
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or above
  • Have a teacher qualification certificate e.g. TEFL or have 2 years + relevant teaching experience


If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you, please get in touch at
[email protected]
Visit our site at


About Sichuan

Sichuan is a province in the southwest of China with a population of over 81 million. Historically known as the ‘Land of Abundance’ due to its plentiful of offerings, including several UNESCO world heritage sites. A place where tradition and modernity meet, Sichuan is ranked in the top 3 best places for traveling in China. It is the famed home of the pandas and has a vibrant food culture. World renowned for its Spicy cuisine which is characterized by four traits, spicy, hot, fresh and fragrant. However despite plenty of spicy food, Sichuan cuisine is diverse, and there’s something for everyone, you can say that about the region itself. Chengdu, as its capital and economic hub, is the one of the world’s fasting growing cities and is the best performing major city in China. The rising popularity of Sichuan has seen more people attracted to our programs and vacancies.


Start your TEFL adventure with TeachDiscoverChina today!

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