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April 1, 2020
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The Best Places to Teach English in Taiwan


Teach English in Taiwan

The subtropical climate is one of the most appealing aspects of emigrating to Taiwan to teach English. It also has a charming mix of Japanese, Chinese and Western culture, while the cost of living is generally very cheap. So due to the popularity of the island with its huge expat community, you may see strong competition for English teacher roles. If you are both qualified and a native speaker, however, you have a good chance of finding work. Here are the top four areas for teaching English in Taiwan.


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The northern city of Taipei brings everything you might expect from Taiwan’s capital. Contemporary buildings, museums and buzzing nightspots abound, although picturesque serenity is provided by extensive parkland and green spaces. If you’re a beach lover, the resort town of Tan-Shui can be found on the Taiwan Strait. Boasting several prominent educational institutions, Taipei is a logical choice of location for teaching English in Taiwan. It also helps that public transport is so reliable here; plus, the dining scene is highly popular and pleasingly cheap. In fact, eating out is so popular, apartments are commonly built without kitchens.

Population: 3 million
Best for: Sleek architecture, affordable restaurants, parks



In the south, the port city of Kaohsiung brings a breath of fresh air, and not just from its waterside location. With less crowds and wider streets, you may prefer settling here to teach English than one of Kaohsiung’s busier, more tourist-frequented counterparts. The Love River offers the perfect leisurely stroll for unwinding, stopping off at cafes and perhaps hopping on a cruise tour. If days off are better spent getting away, look at day trips on the ferry to one of the lovely little islands nearby, such as Cijin. Or take in incredible vistas at one of Kaohsiung’s beaches – where the revered Starlight Tunnel will lead you straight to the sea, taking in endless carvings from past visitors as you pass through its walls.

Population: 3 million
Best for: Extensive shopping, island-hopping, waterside culture



Head to the industrial city of Taichung in the west for a more temperate climate, with more comfortable summers and less risk of typhoons. The redeveloped area has become a prime
source of opportunity for teaching English. Explore such attractions as the vibrant Rainbow Village settlement, Confucius Temple or the Earthquake Museum. The Feng Chia Night Market is a hub of culinary delights and eclectic shopping or get away from it all hiking in Xueshan mountain. You can also find the perfect camping destination in the pretty Wuling Farm.

Population: 3 million
Best for: Street food, arts, nature trails, easy climate


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In the south, Tainan is the oldest of Taiwan’s cities, with a far smaller ex-pat community. English speakers are less catered to with foreigners fewer in number, and the number of English teaching jobs isn’t as high, but there are resulting benefits. Firstly, you’ll be more inclined to study the local language; secondly, there is less competition for the roles which do become available; and thirdly, the ex-pat community is very tight-knit and welcoming. If you are willing to work a little harder at settling in to teach English in the country’s former capital, Tainan has plenty to reward you with. You are afforded the time to take things at your pace with a wonderfully relaxed way of life here. The old-school, almost hipster streets are very charming, while you won’t feel too starved of Western cultural references at the striking Chimei Museum, which features many of the world’s most revered artworks. Plus, many prominent Taiwanese dishes originated here.

Population: 2 million
Best for: Ancient structures, museums, folk culture, historic cuisine

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