volunteer tefl opportunities
Volunteer TEFL Opportunities You Can Start NOW!
April 12, 2021
non-native teacher
Can I teach English if I’m a non-native speaker?
April 24, 2021
volunteer tefl opportunities
Volunteer TEFL Opportunities You Can Start NOW!
April 12, 2021
non-native teacher
Can I teach English if I’m a non-native speaker?
April 24, 2021
join these tefl fb groups

Join these TEFL FB Groups NOW To Jumpstart Your Job Search!


join these tefl fb groups


So, you’ve got your TEFL certificate, and you’re ready to start your job search to land your dream TEFL job. But where to begin?? Remember that old expression. It’s not what you know but who you know? One of the best ways to find any new job is through networking. But what if you don’t have an extensive network of people that know about TEFL jobs? You can join these TEFL FB groups now to jumpstart your TEFL job search


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Chances are FaceBook groups are nothing new to you. You’ve probably used them to keep in touch with old school friends, explore a hobby or make friends in a new city. But have you ever considered using them to expand your network as a teacher? Over the years our team has found that FB groups can store a wealth of information for folks entering into the EFL profession. So whether you’d like to network with people teaching online or people teaching in Spain – there’s probably a group for you 🙂

To make things easier, we’ve divided our list into the 5 categories we get asked about most often: General TEFL Jobs, Online TEFL Jobs, Country Specific Jobs, groups for Female Travelers and groups for Digital Nomads. A note of caution, although FB group administrators and moderators try their best to keep away unsavory companies, it’s always wise to do your research when applying for a position you’ve found online. Read reviews by teachers and clarify any confusing aspects of the contract. 

Now, without further adieu, check out these great sites to up-level your TEFL career. 


FB Groups for General TEFL Jobs


TEFL, TESOL & English Teachers: Resources & Jobs 

153.4 K members

Talk about far-reaching! This colossal group connects you to over 153 thousand aspiring and current TEFL teachers. Folks share all sorts of resources and information. Plus, you can find resources such as games for teaching grammar and a database of online companies.



26.1K members

This open community focuses on using Facebook to connect ESL teachers with ESL Employers. With thousands of ESL teachers from around the world, it’s a great place to stay connected, share advice about teaching English abroad, and learn more about the world of TEFL! 


 TEFL Jobs, Tips and Connections 

14.2K members 

This group, administered by TEFLPros, gives you access to online and global job postings daily. Plus, it’s full of information from other teachers with boots on the ground. No matter your question, there’s bound to be someone with an answer.



1.4 K members

This global nonprofit community brings together TEFL teachers and employers. It’s looking to include jobs for teachers of other subjects, like math and science too. The administrators of this site recommend TEFL Equity Advocates to promote equity amongst all English teachers, including nonnative speakers. It also recommends Innovative Teachers of English. This group allows teachers to exchange ideas, tips, and materials to improve their teaching and achieve their professional goals. 


tefl fb groups

FB Groups for Online TEFL Jobs


Teaching English Online – Jobs, Courses, Tips 

21.1K members

Thanks to the Internet and COVID, opportunities for teaching TEFL online have exploded. However, as this sector of the industry matures, standards and employer expectations are steadily rising. If you’re keen to get started teaching online, this group provides reliable and honest advice to get you off on the right foot.


TEFL Teachers Online & Abroad: Worldwide  

5.8 K members

Just starting and have a lot of questions? Or have a particular question? This group is full of helpful tips! It’s also a resource for sharing teaching materials and for finding teaching positions online or abroad. * It is partnered with TeachTEFL. 



FB Groups for Country Specific Jobs


If you’re ready to begin your overseas job hunt, these groups can be goldmines. Here are just a few examples of groups by region and by country. **TIP – If you’re just starting out but have a few countries of interest in mind, log on to your FB account, go to the search bar and type in a general search of “Teach English in [country]” or “TEFL Jobs in [country]”. Then scroll down and filter by “groups”. After seeing what’s offered, cycle through again with any other country that’s at the top of your list!**



24.3 K members

This group aims to be Thailand and Asia’s #1 jobs website for teaching and non-teaching jobs. It’s affiliated with the reputable Thai website, ESL Ajarn Jobs.


English Teaching Jobs in Korea 

12.8K members 

As the name implies, this group is all about helping teachers and schools in South Korea get connected. To teach in S. Korea, you’ll need to be a native English speaker from one of the ‘famous 7’ English-speaking countries – the USA, Canada, Ireland, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa. Plus, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree.


Teach English In Spain 

5.3K members

This group, affiliated with ESL Starter, is an international recruitment agency since 2007. It can help you find work in Spanish public schools. 


fb groups for female travelers

FB Groups For Female Travelers


Girls LOVE Travel 

1.1 M members

We couldn’t explain it better! According to this group, “Girls LOVE Travel is a global community of over 1 million active and aspiring women travelers providing resources and empowerment to one another to explore the world fearlessly through safety, socializing and support.” You can connect with them on their new GLT app too 🙂 



165.2K members

GoWonder is a place for women interested in solo and group travel. Here you can connect with likeminded ladies from around the globe who dream about exploring the world as much as you do! 🙂


FB Groups For Digital Nomads


Female Digital Nomads

68.3K members

Female Digital Nomads is a vibrant community of women helping women. There are posts about location advice, travel advice, tips for beginning your “work from anywhere” journey and much much more.


Remote Workers / Digital Nomads

12.3K members

This group is open to anyone looking to live a life with more flexibility and freedom. If you want to supplement your TEFL income with other digital nomad friendly options, be sure to check out their posts.


Goats on the Road 


While not technically a FB group, this page, along with its popular website, is run by Canadian couple Nick and Dariece. They aim to teach, inspire and encourage people to create a happier, freer lifestyle for themselves. Their travel photos alone will be enough for you to put your TEFL job search into overdrive!


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Now that you’re aware of some of the MANY FB groups out there to help you find your perfect TEFL job, may the search begin!

As always, we wish you happy teaching!


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