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January 26, 2021
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how to make a great intro video

How to Stand Out as an Online Teacher to Adults With a Great INTRO Video


how to make a great intro video


Wondering about how to start teaching online to adults? Keep reading to learn how to stand out as an online teacher to adults with a great intro video. If you missed our insider tips about teaching English as a Solopreneur, click here to get caught up! 


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Many sites that cater to adult learners, such as iTalki, Preply, and Cambly, ask you to upload an INTRO video. Depending on the site, you’ll have just a few minutes to show prospective students why they should book a class with you. Here are some tips from the experienced team at TEFLPros and from sites like iTalki.  


TIP #1 Speak Slowly and Clearly

Just because your video is for adults, unless their English is at a very high level, prospective students will appreciate you speaking clearly and slowing things down a bit. If they feel comfortable listening to you, they’ll be more likely to book a class with you! 


TIP #2 Background and Lighting

Try to have a clean, uncluttered background. This way, students won’t be distracted. They’ll see that you’re serious about the service you have to offer. Also, use good lighting. This sets the mood for your video. Besides, if students can’t see you well, they’re not likely to watch to the end of your video. Similarly, avoid any background noises.  

(You can make your video using a smartphone or a digital camera. It’s not recommended to use your laptop’s webcam though.) 


TIP #3 Act Naturally

It’s okay to have some Post-it notes stuck to your computer, but it’s best to not read from a script. Try to smile often. Relax and have fun with it! Students want to work with a teacher that puts them at ease. 


Tip #4 Use Props

Just because you’re teaching adults doesn’t mean there’s no place for props. Beginner students will especially appreciate this feature. You can use flashcards, a simple grammar chart, or photos of your hometown. These will let your prospective students know that you’ll be a fun and engaging teacher.


TIP #4 Explain How You’ll Teach 

You’ll want to tell your students what your lessons are like. If a curriculum isn’t already provided, you can use textbooks, videos, presentations, articles or websites. By the way, if you’re interested in learning how to create individualized lesson plans, TEFLPros teaches this valuable skill!   


TIP #5 Share Anything That Sets You Apart

Think about your strengths. Are you most skilled at teaching Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced students? Do you have a background in business? Have you helped others with their writing? Maybe you’ve helped someone prepare for an English exam? All of these things can set you apart and allow you to set a higher rate.

Of course, don’t forget to share any degrees or certificates you have earned. You don’t always need a bachelor’s degree, but having a reputable TEFL certificate from a school like  TEFLPros is a must. It shows students you know how to actually teach and not just speak in English.  


TIP #6 Start Off Strong

After your introduction, something like, Hi, I’m Dan. Let students know where you’re from. Also, tell them if you’re a native speaker. Do you speak Standard American English or maybe British or Australian English?  


TIP #7 Share a Little About Yourself

Give students an idea of who you are as a person by briefly sharing some of your hobbies and interests. If a prospective student shares a similar interest, like cooking, sports or art, they’re more likely to book a class with you. 


TIP #8 Give Students a Reason to Book a Lesson With You!

Put yourself in the students’ shoes. Why should they book a class with you? Are you really patient, even with the shyest student? Are you great at correcting errors during a conversation? Can you help a student with a writing task? 


TIP #9 Add Captions

To make your video really stand out, you can add captions. This way, students can follow your words much easier. If they understand your video, they’ll feel comfortable talking to you in a lesson. If you want to get really fancy, you can even try your hand at an app like iMovie.   


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Well, we really hope these tips have given you ideas for how to stand out as an online teacher to adults with a great INTRO video.

If you don’t already have a TEFL certificate, why not check out TEFLPros’ Free: 2-Day Online TEFL Taster? It’s one full module of our course that you can work through to get a feel for who we are and how our course operates. 


Happy online teaching!

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