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fun tefl lessons
5 Fun TEFL Lessons using The Night Before Christmas
December 24, 2020
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3 Types of Sites to Jump Start your TEFL Job Search


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Not sure where to start your TEFL job search? You’re not alone! In this post we take a look at three types of sites to help you launch your TEFL job search and ultimately land you your dream TEFL job.


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Feeling overwhelmed by your TEFL job search, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic no doubt? Not sure where to start?  You’re not alone!  Whether your plan is to teach online in your pajama bottoms or to eventually head overseas to work for a brick-a-mortar school, this post will give you the lay of the land. Basically, there are three types of sites to check out: generic job boards, TEFL-specific job boards, and all-things-TEFL related sites. Here’s a look at each category along with our suggestions of some good websites in each genre to check out.


General Job Boards:



With Jooble, you can search job openings posted by other job boards, online schools, and recruiters- all in the same place.  This all purpose job board is in 71 countries and available in 24 languages.  This site might be particularly useful for job seekers not located in the USA or who are not native English speakers.   A search for: online TEFL teacher, remote brought up YiYiEnglish, a typical online school for children based in Asia; Preply, a site where teachers can set their own rates and TeachingNomad, a recruiting company.  Remove the word remote and you get InLingua (Washington D.C.), Vermont International Academy and various school systems across the USA.  


TEFL-Specific Job Boards:


Online Teachers Club Mega List

As the title implies, the postings here are all for online teaching.  It has a list of top picks. You can search by categories like: requires a degree, no degree required, teach adult students, and schools that hire non-native speakers.  You can also search by country.

Each company has its own little colorful business card complete with company reviews and a place to apply.  Finally, you can download their new Teacher Buddy App.


ESL Job Feed

This site publishes links to ESL Job postings from a variety of sources including TESall, Total ESL, Yahoo!/Monster, Guardian Jobs, Chronicle of Higher Education, craigslist, and TESOL.Org. The detailed postings are very current.  If there’s a way to filter for specifics, it’s difficult to find.


Dave’s ESL Cafe

This site has been around forever.  It was started by a former TEFL teacher in Thailand.  Besides an International job board, it has specific boards just for China and for Korea. Teachers can attach a resume or join teacher discussion forums.


All-Things-TEFL Related Sites:


Along with job posts, these sites offer information on everything from TEFL training schools like TEFLPros to gap year programs.


Go Overseas

Go Overseas the go-to site for exploring meaningful travel programs. This includes study abroad, intern abroad, volunteer abroad and of course our favorite – teach abroad! They are also a great source for those of you still in college who are looking at gap year opportunities abroad, domestically or online.  Why not combine your Gap Year or Volunteer Experience with learning the ropes of TEFL teaching?  During COVID, this site is offering many online programs too, such as 75 remote/virtual internships. 


Transitions Abroad

Transitions abroad is a great site for finding job postings for any type of overseas work. Job postings are organized by country, or you can search specific categories-intern, travel, student, au pair, farm, K-12, higher ed., or volunteer.


Go Abroad 

Go Abroad is another popular site for comparing international travel programs. They compile reviews from real participants so that you can decide for yourself what program is most suitable for you. In addition, to comparisons of TEFL programing, this site also offers very detailed information on specific countries through its Quick Links to Various Cities, Popular Job Types, What Else You Need to Know, and the Inside Scoop.


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We hope this has given you an idea of where to begin your search and that you find a position that is just right for you.


If you’re ready to take the leap to get TEFL certified, visit TEFLPros to learn more about our FREE 2-day TEFL taster.


Happy Teaching!

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