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January 14, 2020
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March 9, 2020
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Worried about Covid-19? Here’s why now is the PERFECT time to start your TEFL course…


woman considering TEFL



With the concerns about Covid-19 spreading around the world, we can understand why potential future teachers are feeling hesitant to get certified. But should they wait? Definitely not! For those considering TEFL certification, this global crisis presents a unique opportunity for would be teachers.

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Here’s why right NOW is a great time to get certified with TEFLPros. 

  • TEFLPros course is all online and self-paced. So you can take it at your own speed from home. No need to travel to another country or sit in a classroom. You have 18 months access to ALL course material. That means that even if you go abroad in 6 months, you can still access everything on your course platform for another year!
  • TEFLPros is fully accredited so it’s accepted for all online schools. With current school closures, online English classes are BOOMING! They can’t get enough teachers. While this spike will fade as schools re-open, there will certainly be a major uptick in people who may not have tried online English in the past, but are hooked now. TEFLPros’ training is the top in the industry which means you will teach excellent lessons, get higher ratings, get more bookings and make more money than your colleagues who opted for a bare-bones training.
  • You’ll have opportunities at some of the top schools that may not have been accessible in the past. Since so many schools have closed indefinitely, teachers who were occupying some of the sought after positions are being forced to move elsewhere. This is freeing up lots of positions that would normally not be available. Schools will re-open and they will be desperate to fill vacated spots which means more competitive salaries and better packages. When these schools start to re-open, you don’t want to be just starting your TEFL course, you want to be ready. Put me in coach!!


Take advantage of this unique situation to set yourself up for some great opportunities in the not too distant future.


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