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The Best Places to Teach English in Russia


teach English in Russia


Russia is a country of famed landmarks, thrilling culture and fascinating history. For the best chance of finding English teaching work in schools, you may want to ensure you look for vacancies before the months of January or September, when the terms start. However, with a population of over 140 million, there are opportunities all year round; and not just in schools. Here is a summary of the best places to teach English in Russia.


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Where better than Russia’s capital and largest city to find work as an English teacher? Spend your free time exploring such globally renowned sites as St. Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square, The Kremlin, and Lenin’s Mausoleum. The blend of cultural excellence, soviet history, and future-thinking innovation gives plenty to be excited about in this fast-paced metropolis. The cost of living is high, but accommodation may be subsidized if teaching English directly for a school or business. Popular ex-pat neighborhoods include Patriarch Ponds and The Garden Ring.

Population: 12 million
Best for: Fine arts, theatre, architecture, communist history


St. Petersburg

Public schools bring some of the most reliable opportunities to teach English in St. Petersburg, with year-long contracts and visa support; but they pay the least. Thanks to the city’s growing business sector, you could look at more lucrative types of roles teaching English to company employees. Private tutoring can pay well here too. Like in the capital, rent costs are high, but the Golden Triangle and Fontanka River are the best expat-friendly regions. For leisure, behold contemporary and classic Russian art by day, or enjoy the many parks, gardens, and canals.

Population: 5 million
Best for: Upscale shopping, grand palaces, elegant waterways, museums


Nizhny Novgorod

Russia’s scenic ‘Third Capital’ Nizhny Novgorod offers stirring panoramas over the Volga and Oka rivers, and plenty of culture; with a lower cost of living than the capital. Since reopening to foreigners in 1991, several developing industries are bringing an increasing amount of expats to the area, which is in turn increasing opportunities to teach English either privately or for business employees. There is still a strong market for English teachers within public schools too. You can easily visit nearby towns via the port, and in the evening, take a tour of any number of bars and clubs, with somewhere for every taste.

Population: 1.5 million
Best for: Majestic rivers, medieval structures, vistas from the Chkalov Stairs


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Russia’s third-largest city is a prolific destination that has plenty to offer ex-pats looking to teach English. Although the area is known as an industrial hub and source of important scientific endeavor, the center itself is so green and quiet you could almost imagine being out in the countryside. The Zoopark, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and Lenin Square are just some of the attractions which make this the cultural center of Siberia. And by night, ex-pats in Novosibirsk have the benefit of enjoying a surprisingly buzzy nightlife scene. The city also prides itself on being the academic capital of Russia, so jobs in education are easy to come by. With language skills highly encouraged, teaching English in Novosibirsk is an admired pursuit indeed.

Population: 1.6 million
Best for: Musical culture, romantic snowy winters, botanical gardens, sciences

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