Teach English Online to Adults: 8 Online EFL Schools
September 7, 2020
How to Teach Business English Online and Abroad
October 1, 2020
Teach English Online to Adults: 8 Online EFL Schools
September 7, 2020
How to Teach Business English Online and Abroad
October 1, 2020

What TEFL Careers Exist? Teaching and Beyond




Thinking a career in EFL might be for you? Here is a guide to the TEFL careers you can follow once you are fully TEFL certified.


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If you’re looking for a new path in life, you may be wondering what careers are available with a TEFL certificate.

While you may be aware that TEFL teachers travel and teach, there are also other ways to use your certification that you might not be aware of. 

Need ideas for TEFL careers? Check out these opportunities. 


What TEFL careers exist? 

Whether you’re looking to work abroad or find a career online, an online TEFL certification will lead the way.

Check out these epic TEFL careers. 


#1 – Teach EFL abroad 




Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel. Maybe you need a challenge. Maybe you have to take a gap year because university didn’t work out.

Whatever your situation, have you considered teaching abroad?

With a solid TEFL Certification under your belt, you’ll be able to teach English in pretty much any country you can think of.

Travel the world and help others at the same time – sounds like an exciting career option in our opinion!


#2 – Teach EFL online 


tefl career teach online


When you complete your TEFLPros online certification, you’re qualified to teach online.

You will find a wealth of online teaching jobs with online EFL schools. This is a top option if you’re looking for a solid full-time or part-time job with a regular salary. 

You can also use freelance online teaching marketplaces to find private online students to tutor. This is great if you’re looking for a flexible schedule. 


#3 – Become a freelance EFL tutor

If you’re seeking an extremely flexible TEFL career path, you could use your TEFL qualification to become a private EFL tutor

You can tutor EFL students both online or offline as a freelance EFL teacher.

You are responsible for finding your own clients and marketing your services, but you have complete control over your salary and working hours.


#4 – Create and sell EFL resources


tefl-careers tefl resources


To keep students engaged in the classroom, TEFL teachers need high-quality EFL teaching resources.

Many TEFL teachers go on to create EFL teaching resources for online and in-person TEFL teachers. This is one of the most flexible careers.

Craft packs of reading resources, books of writing worksheets, listening podcasts, or speaking flashcards.

If you’re more technologically-minded, why not create downloadable teaching packs, activity books, or interactive EFL resources.

Alternatively, create resources to help teachers in the classroom. Create guides to classroom management, learning styles, and teaching methods.


#5 – Build EFL technology

The world is changing rapidly and technology is entering the classroom at a quickening pace.

For those with a tech background, a TEFL qualification can set you on a path to building EFL technology and tools

Why not create interactive online games for EFL learners? Perhaps you could create an app for TEFL teachers to share homework. Maybe you could build a program to monitor student progress. 

Use your TEFL certification to drive language technology for EFL students



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#6 – Make EFL courses

You don’t have to teach in real-time. Why not use your TEFL qualification to generate passive income? 

There’s lots of easy online programs to help you build killer digital courses for EFL students

Sell online video and audio courses to learn English or create downloadable EFL course for the classroom.

You could specialize in certain age groups, skill sets, topics, and more. 


#7 – Offer EFL consultancy


tefl career esl business consultancy


Many institutions employ people who speak English as a foreign language. 

Lots of these organizations will pay big bucks for business English consultants to advise them on how to teach their employees English. 

With enough TEFL experience, you can leverage your TEFL qualification to offer consultancy services to schools, businesses, community groups, and other organizations. 


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