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May 22, 2017
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October 17, 2017
teach english abroad

Teaching English Abroad: The Opportunity of a Lifetime



teach english abroad

Are you considering a career in TEFL? In this post we discuss the opportunities available to those who choose to teach English abroad. 


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Everyone says the dream job is to find something you love so much that you would do it for free. For a lot of people, teaching English abroad is that job. As demand for English speakers increases, great jobs for teachers await. There are several reasons why many English teachers decide to pick up and move to another country to pursue a somewhat alternative lifestyle.


Teaching English Abroad: The Opportunity of a Lifetime

While we may not agree on how to pronounce “tomato”, English teachers who have moved abroad to teach will generally all agree on one thing: It’s an amazing opportunity. Whether you’ve just graduated and you’re not quite ready to join the workforce in your home country, or you’re a 37-year-old saleswoman that wants a change, or you’re a retiree who wants to use your free time to educate, there are lots of reasons why teaching English abroad would be a great opportunity for you.



If you get your TEFL certification and move abroad, you’re going to have the opportunity to travel to places that you’ve only dreamed of visiting. You’ll have school breaks and holidays where you can go to the best beaches in the world for the weekend, hike in the Himalayas or go wine tasting in Tuscany.


Teaching English abroad will give you a chance to immerse yourself in another culture. You will learn how people live and go about their daily lives in a place that is total foreign to you. While this may be stressful at times, it definitely gives you a great appreciation for this wide world we live in.

Giving Back:

Very often, people who move abroad to teach English are going to areas where the ability to speak English could make the difference between someone who can provide for their family or not. You are literally giving opportunity. Education is one of the greatest gifts in the world and teaching English abroad allows you the chance to be a global citizen and give back.


Teaching is great fun. After you get your TEFL Certification, the fun can really begin. Students love to have fun classes and it’s up to you to decide what kind of experience you want to have. Whether your students design an outer space hotel or put on a play for the class, TEFL classrooms are rarely short on laughs.


There are so many reasons why teaching English abroad is a great path to take. Not only can you make a change in the world, but you can also let the world change you. There are so many opportunities that await you once you make the choice to get your TEFL Certification and become an English teacher. So what are you waiting for?


Happy Teaching!


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