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Staying Healthy as a Teacher:

Natural Ways to Boost Your Immunity During Cold and Flu Season


staying healthy as a teacher


In this post we tackle the cold weather blues that can hit us all. From colds and flus to just feeling depleted and overworked – here are our tips on staying healthy as a teacher.


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As the weather grows colder here in the Northern Hemisphere, staying healthy is on our minds. Students young and old can bring with them a variety of icky germs we’d rather they kept at home (ah but alas….we are their favorite teacher and the flu couldn’t keep them away from our lesson on prepositions).

So, needless to say, figuring out ways to fight colds without bathing in hand sanitizer 24/7 is a balancing act for us teachers. Here are some tips for natural ways to keeping those germs at bay and staying healthy as a teacher.


staying healthy as a teacherStay Healthy By Getting Enough Sleep

Yes, we know this one can be tough. Late nights of lesson planning and prep can mean less time for sleep. But getting plenty of sleep has been proven time and time again to help improve mood, boost your mental acuity, and reduce inflammation. And considering how many illnesses stem from inflammation in the body, we think hitting the snooze button (only on the weekends of course) is a great idea.






staying healthy as a teacherStay Healthy By Exercising 

From boosting your energy levels to mitigating depression, getting some physical activity worked into your schedule can help keep you feeling strong. We know firsthand that teachers often spend hours and hours on their feet each day and exercise might be the last thing on their mind. If this is you, try starting out with some gentle stretching before bed. We like this sequence courtesy of Yoga Journal…the legs-up-the-wall pose is our fav! For all you gym lovers out there, don’t forget that just because you may be living abroad, normal life still exists! Get out there and join a local sports club or gym. It may just be the thing that helps you meet new friends and stay sane.











staying healthy as a teacher


Stay Healthy By Drinking Plenty of Water 

Yes, coffee and tea can be nice when you need that burst of caffeine in the AM, but the real champion is water. Water is life giving. It flushes our bodies of toxins and helps keep our digestive system on track. If you are feeling like you want to kick it up a notch we love drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning. Stir in some sea salt for an added dose of minerals or a teaspoon of honey to soothe a sore throat.








staying healthy as a teacher


Stay Healthy By Use Breathing Techniques or Meditation 

Calming your mind is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. Stress and anxiety account for so much of the discomfort we feel in our bodies and they also make us more vulnerable to germs and illness. Cultivating a meditation practice can make a huge difference in how you feel physically and mentally. If you are new to meditation, we recommend trying Headspace




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We hope these 4 ideas on how to boost your immunity will help you stay strong and healthy this season. If you want more teacher reflections, tips and tricks head on over to our blog


Happy Teaching 🙂



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