This course was exactly what I was looking for, and far exceeded my expectations. As someone in my mid 30s with plenty of real-world, professional experience under my belt and degrees to boot, I was looking for a TEFL course that would cut to the chase and provide the information and practice I needed without all of the "busywork fluff" that can be so common in certification programs. I also wanted a program that would prepare me to be a self-sufficient instructor (i.e., I didn't want to pay for a notebook of lesson plans). Finally, I needed an online course (I currently work a demanding full-time job) that wouldn't' break the bank. As I said before, this course surpassed all of my HIGH expectations. The program itself is well organized, easy to follow, and provides content in multiple modalities that support all of the learning styles. Customer services is responsive and thorough, though I didn't need to use it much because the course itself is extremely user-friendly. The content provided in the learning modules is useful, informative, and easily implemented. MOST IMPORTANTLY, the information isn't something you could easily Google and learn for free on your own. The course content is well worth the price, effort, and time. I would absolutely recommend the TEFLPros 120-hour course!