I chose TEFLPros after looking at about 7-8 online TEFL programs because of the reviews about their support and how useful the course program was. Also, it's self-directed, which I needed. The course itself is very thorough with a great foundation for how to lesson plan for various lessons, how to handle classroom management, an overview of teaching grammar, and specifics related to teaching English in a communicative way. As a newbie to professional teaching, I found this incredibly helpful and has made me epathize with how much work teachers put into their lessons. Also, like other reviews have mentioned, there is a LOT of real classroom observations included and that was so helpful! I only had one major question as I went through, but sent an email and Abby got back to me so fast with a really helpful, thorough response. (And she replied on a Saturday... wasn't expecting that but is worth noting!) I highly recommend this TEFL program. The price for what I got out of it was more than worth it!