I've searched for an online TEFL course and came across many websites recommending a list of many different TEFL courses to choose from. At first, I didn't know which one to choose and got confused. But luckily, I found out that TEFLPros offers a free trial for 2 days. I didn't have to think twice and just went for it. I really liked how that free trial was structured and built, so I finished that in no time and decided to go for the real deal and applied for the 120 hours online course! Each chapter was so easy to understand and really helpful. I learnt so much about teaching English and how to be a good teacher in general. All the documents provided made it also easy for me to get into that study zone and learn more effectively. It was so much fun taking those quizzes and handing in the assignments at the end of every chapter. So I could see, how much I learnt and to test my knowledge. It really felt like friends showing me how to teach and supporting me from the beginning to the end of my studying journey. Jos and Whitney, you really did a great job guiding me through the process. Thank you so much!!