I signed up for this certificate program in April of 2020 once I realized Covid was here to stay for a while. I had lost the majority of my income from in-person tutoring and wanted/needed a way to use my new down-time effectively. Too much time on my hands actually had the opposite effect of what I was hoping. It gave me too much time to procrastinate! And procrastinate I did! I would work on a Module here and there, or read/study between teaching online classes but never fully devoted the time and attention actually needed to complete these Modules. It even showed through when I didn't pass one of the Modules and I further discouraged myself. Fast forward to November, when looking over my goals for the year, obtaining my TEFL certificate was still on the list! That's when I cranked it into high gear and set my sights on completing what I had signed up and PAID for! The classes are pretty straight-forward with a lot of tips and knowledge on the subject matter of teaching English language learners. Although I know classroom application will be a little different, I am still confident in my abilities to now teach ELL students. I am so glad I settled down and completed this program! I am expecting 2021 to be BIG and GREAT with new TEFL certificate, passport, and confidence!