Spring break
3 Things We Wish We Had Done Over Spring Break
March 4, 2019
5 Tips to Become a Better Teacher
April 2, 2019
Spring break
3 Things We Wish We Had Done Over Spring Break
March 4, 2019
5 Tips to Become a Better Teacher
April 2, 2019
Cinque Terra Italy

Program Highlight: Travels While Teaching

Cinque Terra Italy


One of the best memories I’ve had while traveling and teaching was when I hiked the towns of Cinque Terra, Italy! It was the most amazing feeling – standing on top of the mountain, looking at one of the most beautiful sites I’ve seen, thinking to myself…I made it. I did it. I checked off a ‘Bucket List’ item and made a dream come true – seeing the gorgeous town of Manarola (pictured) in Cinque Terra Italy, admiring the many different colors and buildings while enjoying an aperitivo. Life was good!

That was the moment I realized, anything was possible!


Travels While Teaching (TWT)

My Travels While Teaching program is designed to help females travel the world while teaching, make a global educational difference, live in jaw-dropping destinations, be mentally prepared and financially stable. I am committed to your success because I have experienced it, failed at it, learned from it, and now have mastered it.  I want this process to be seamless, obtainable and life-changing.

In Travels While Teaching program, I apply my L.E.A.R.N. Traveling Teacher method:


  • Set your departure month and get mentally prepared to jet set around the world


  • Receive training on the online teaching platforms and hiring process to land your online teaching job
  • Use my database of over 700 + teaching programs from around the world to choose the best option that fits your cost, duration, certification, and region needs


  • Receive training on the TEFL Certification process and work with the TEFLPro ladies link here


  • Receive resources and training on how to be financially stable month after month as you jet-set across the world


  • Your very own Travels While Teaching road map that combines all the above so that you have a clear idea on your plan from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (being a globe-trotting-teacher-babe!)


          Are you a Gap Year Gal?

  • A college student or graduate who wants to take a year off from school and explore the world
  • You’ve always wanted to travel abroad and you know this would be the perfect time to do it.
  • You would like to understand yourself and grow mentally and emotionally while making a sustainable impact by teaching globally.

        Are you a Global Educator Gal?

  • An educator who wants to expand their career by teaching internationally.
  • You would like to experience teaching from a different lens and see how education is set up and carried throughout different countries.
  • You would like to build your professional development and expand your options, learning from different educators from around the world while teaching your own expertise.
I’m looking for these ladies who want to learn how to teach and travel the world so they can make a difference in global education and live freely in different countries without being overworked and stressed about their finances.

You want to go from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (being a globe-trotting-teacher-babe) but you keep telling yourself:

  • I don’t know where to start.
  • What is required to become a traveling teacher?
  • I’m overwhelmed with the amount of information out there.
  • I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it.
  • I’m nervous, is it safe to travel on my own?
  • Do I have enough experience?
  • Am I able to travel and teach if I don’t have a teaching credential?
  • Is it the right time to go?
  • I’m nervous to venture out of my comfort zone and leave home.
I CAN HELP!! I’ll coach you individually on how to develop your TWT road map that answers ALL of these questions. You’ll be fully prepared to teach and travel around the world for 6 months to 1 year… or more, all based on YOUR needs as a traveling teacher.


  • Develop your mindset for your journey
  • Set your TWT departure date
  • Apply and land your online teaching job and get consistent bookings month after month
  • Choose the right teaching programs that fit YOUR needs using my database of over 700 different teaching programs from around the world base on your specific cost, duration, credential, and region needs.
  • Apply for your 1st program
  • Determine your Travels While Teaching financial plan month after month
  • Prepare for your TEFL certification through the AMAZING girls of @TEFLPros
  • Get my BONUS BABE module where I guide you on how to be safe as a Traveling Teacher, passport information, ins & outs of traveling to save you time and money
  • Become a Globe-Trotting-Teacher-Babe!

After 6 weeks, you will have a complete TWT road map for 6 months to 1 year of traveling and teaching so you can just be YOUR happy!

You may have already looked into different teaching programs, study abroad opportunities or traveling blogs and/or websites but you’re still looking for help from a credible source who’s been there and done it. I GOT YOU!
I have an incredible group of girls who have already set their DEPARTURE MONTH DATE the first week, and are working towards making their dreams a reality! One of my students, Liz, did just this! She got out of her own way, landed her first online teaching job, booked all her flights and accommodations, managed her finances and in April will take that leap of faith and set out on her Travels While Teaching journey.
Student message to me: 
“ You are such an amazing motivator. I needed to hear that. I have a lot of self-doubt for sure! I wish I could just keep your voice in my ear for all facets of life. Like that really helped my self-doubt! I’m pumped for the course! I’m so excited for you and proud of you! AHHHH it’s going to be amazing. I’m so excited to just jump in and have traveling and teaching just already be my life!”  -Liz P.


Join our tribe! If this speaks to your soul, CLICK HERE to schedule a chat and get more information about the program.
If you sign up through this post, you will get my BONUS BABE– 1:1 coaching throughout your entire Travels While Teaching journey for FREE!!!

Ready to say #byegirl to what’s holding you back?

Enroll in my Travels While Teaching program and join a community of other traveling teacher babes who want to teach and travel for the year of 2019-2020. 

You get my personal 1:1 coaching, accountability, road map, private facebook group & templates to help you execute your dream.




1. Who is the Travels While Teaching course for? 

Who can apply:
The course is for females who are able to
  • work and travel
  • make an educational difference
  • live in jaw-dropping countries
  • learn about the culture
  • be financially stable while teaching and traveling
  • grow mentally, emotionally and intellectually
  • live a more fulfilling life

2. When is the deadline to join?

There are a few options you can do:
  1. Individual Coaching- open for enrollment 
  2. Individual Module coaching and access to resources- anytime
  3. Enroll in the TWT group program at the end of May 2019.

To get more information – CLICK HERE

3. I’m busy and limited on time. Should I still join?

YES! Here’s why…
  • I work with your schedule. We will decide together the best course of action and timing for each module.
  • I focus on actionable steps and results to set your TWT departure date on Day 1.  I like to draw a straight line from where you are now to becoming a globe-trotting-teacher-babe!
  • In this program, we set your traveling teacher departure date on Week 1. I’ll show you how to land your online teaching job as early as Week 2. Each week I’ll provide lessons and resources for your own L.E.A.R.N. goal. You will have Learning and Doing objectives each week to accomplish. We will only spend time on critical action steps that directly affect your outcome.

4.  Do you have to be a Teacher to be a Traveling Teacher?

    Nope! Pretty cool right?!


5.  What makes Travels While Teaching course unique?

I’ve been speaking to the most AMAZING women from around the world…
  • Throughout the US
  • Estonia
  • Tanzania
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Iran
  • Spain
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Canada
…about their dreams, aspirations and traveling and teaching desires. I have cultivated a program that is designed for women across the world who want to make an impact on their lives and others.
We focus on creating your individualized Traveling Teacher Roadmap that is specific to your needs when it comes to time, country, teaching opportunities, online work, and financials…. all the while traveling like a #teacherbossbabe
  • BIG FACTOR: There is A LOT of information out there and it can be very hard knowing where to start or if the sources are reliable. Based on my experiences and expertise, I will ensure you a clear and achievable traveling teacher adventure!

6. Will I get copies of all the templates and access to course tools?

Yup! You get lifetime access to everything including:
  • Step-by-Step Videos, Scripts & databases of over 700 + different teaching programs
  • Detailed lessons and resources to achieve all Learning and Doing objectives for each module
  • Updates of ALL  information monthly
  • 1:1 coaching – This will be provided throughout your ENTIRE traveling teaching journey; giving you the motivation and accountability you’ll need to make this dream a reality!
    • The ins & outs of planning and packing
    • How to book accommodations, flights, excursions etc., to save you time and money, getting the most out of your experiences
    • Ways to build friendships as you jet-set around the world
    • Strategically find your new ‘home’ and build your community
    • VISA information and requirements for each country
    • How to be safe and resilient as a female traveler

7.  Payment:

SCHEDULE A CALL HERE for specific pricing

8. What is to come in the TWT program?

  • I’m in the process of developing an Exclusive Members-Only Travels While Teaching Community for those who have questions and want to connect with other traveling teacher babes from around the world. 
  • Live Group Coaching where you can ask me your questions live, work on things when you’re stuck, and be the first to see what is coming next for the Travels While Teaching program

9. Is there a payment plan? 

  • You can make 2 payments or

10. What is your background?

MY PROOF! I’m very passionate about this lifestyle and helping people achieve it.  I am an expert in this field and know the exact process on how to live out this dream.
I have/will…
  • My Masters in Secondary Education.
  • Been traveling and teaching for almost 3 years, living in 24 different countries
  • Taught in Turin, Italy through #GreenheartTravel
  • Developed and lead professional development training in Malaysia through the LRTT fellowship
  • Be leading a group of 30 teachers from around the world to Tanzania, Africa this July 2019 to develop and lead professional training through LRTT (Limited Resource Teacher Training)
  • Been teaching English online through #VIPKID for over 2.5 years and I’ve been consistently booked week after week with a top ‘5 Apple’ ratings



It has truly been the BEST decision of my life to make this big leap of faith 3 years ago, trusting my gut, and choosing this life of fulfillment and happiness.  If you’re ready to become a Traveling Teacher and live out your dreams by exploring and learning about the world…
SCHEDULE A CALL HERE  We will discuss your schedule and get you set up for the Travels While Teaching program.



Download my eBook- The Passport to Teaching HERE! It describes the first 5 steps of becoming a traveling teacher.
Follow me on Instagram @marlychachas

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