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September 12, 2019
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Program Highlight: A Way Abroad

girls gone working

Have you considered teaching English abroad, but feel stuck about how to make it happen? That’s where our friends at A Way Abroad come in. Keep reading to learn more about their business of keeping you in the know about employment opportunities, country specifics – and more! 


The world is a big place full of opportunities, especially for people who are certified English teachers and ready to take the leap to a new, exotic country. 

While this can feel so exciting, to have the whole world at your fingertips, it can also be really overwhelming. The moment you receive your TEFL certification and you start researching places to go and in what kind of environment you’d like to teach, those Google results can seem endless. It’s also tough to tell which job offers are legitimate and understand what life would actually be like in each place.


girl in chinaWhat

That’s where A Way Abroad comes in. We’re a community of female expats who have all left the comforts of home to take on life in a foreign country. On A Way Abroad you’ll read articles written by women who are currently, or recently, working in the job that they’re writing about. These are real reports, outlining our personal pros and cons in our new environment. 


Us Girls come from a plethora of backgrounds and a variety of interests but share a big passion for exploration and immersion into different cultures. Together we’ll share about local work YOU can score in countries around the globe. 


Whether you’re interested in teaching English in Prague or Thailand or Spain, we’ve got an article for you. We’ll inspire you with jobs you might not have known existed or ones that you have always been curious about. Each article highlights the basic requirements for landing a similar gig, so you won’t waste your time on something that’s not a good fit. 

On the site, we also post about other jobs in a wide variety of industries but the vast majority are written for and by international English teachers. You can also browse through some lifestyle guides to see what it’s like to live the expat life in each place and our best tips to make the most of your life abroad. 

All of us are out there living our dreams and ready to get you to do the same. So, what are you waiting for? Come get lost with us.



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