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July 14, 2020
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6 Reasons an Online TEFL is Invaluable as Lockdown Lifts



With an online TEFL, you’re qualified to teach EFL online and in the classroom. 

That means that even if the world continues to be topsy turvy, you can still fulfill a purposeful career from home, teaching English online.

As lockdown lifts, explore the world of teaching English and changing lives. 


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You might be left wondering about your next move. It should be an online TEFL. 

With uncertainty about the future colliding with dreams of traveling abroad, it can be hard to find a resilient career path that offers both the opportunity to work abroad and from home.

Prepare to spread your wings as lockdown lifts by taking an online TEFL to start you career as an online teacher now. 

Reason #1 – An online TEFL presents purposeful career options


online tefl teaching with lockdown


If nothing else, COVID has brought up the disparity of opportunities worldwide.

Why not help to bridge that gap by teaching English. 

With an online TEFL certificate, you are internationally-qualified to teach online and abroad.


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Reason #2 – An online TEFL gives you a resilient career

Nobody knows what the future will hold.

The past year has shown us that we are living with uncertainty on a daily basis. 

With a TEFL, you’re qualified to teach EFL lessons online and in the classroom. 

That means that even if the world gets topsy turvy again, you can still fulfill a purposeful career from home, teaching English online.

And even if you end up traveling the world and teaching, you always have the option to supplement your income with online options too. 


Reason #3 – A TEFL gives you a stable income


online tefl course covid career change


Enjoy a regular income of between as an online teacher during lockdown and earn as an in-classroom teacher when lockdown lifts. 

You’ll find great online teaching companies that offer fair online teaching salaries.

Alternatively, become a freelance online teacher and set your own rates. 

Either way, your TEFL certificate allows you to earn a regular salary whether you’re working from home, traveling as a digital nomad, or teaching in the classroom. 


Reason #4 – An online TEFL improves your employability


teach online tefl covid


COVID has changed things for a lot of us. Some of you may find yourself unemployed, craving a career change, or newly graduated.

Whatever your reason for a career change, an online TEFL certificate shows employers that you are a self-directed learner. 

Not only does a TEFL course show your willingness for self-initiated challenges, you also offer extra skills to future employers. 

A quality TEFL training will teach you management, leadership, presentation, strategy, and instructional design skills. 



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Reason #5 – An  TEFL builds volunteer opportunities abroad

As lockdown lifts, we’re all gunning to jet-set abroad.  

Explore the world by making a difference. Teach English on a voluntary basis using your online TEFL certificate.

With our 120-Hour TEFL qualification in your suitcase, you’ll be able to travel and volunteer all over the world. 

Boost your resume and broaden your mind, while you live experiences that will last you a lifetime. 


Reason #6 – An TEFL rewards you with an international community


online tefl covid lockdown


As we all muddle out of this crisis together, we’ll need to support our learning and development on a global scale. 

Teaching English helps to close the gap as we work together to rebuild the world. 

With TEFL teachers educating children and adults all over the world, you’ll be part of a global community. 

Enjoy incredible mentors who can guide you to become a successful TEFL teacher. Find worldwide opportunities to volunteer and work abroad. Teach friends and students across global online networks.

With an online TEFL certificate, you can become part of that global community of supportive teachers. 



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