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6 Novel Ways to Enhance Your Gap Year with a TEFL
May 19, 2020
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Need Work From Home Ideas? Why Not Teach?
May 24, 2020
gap year
6 Novel Ways to Enhance Your Gap Year with a TEFL
May 19, 2020
TEFL work home from ideas
Need Work From Home Ideas? Why Not Teach?
May 24, 2020
TEFLPros online teaching tips

Online Teaching Tips for TEFL Teachers:

From a Real Online EFL Teacher


A top online EFL teaching tip is to incorporate tools that aid in virtual learning. To learn all our online teaching tips, keep reading!

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As online EFL teachers know, teaching online is no mean feat. Inspiring students through a screen comes with a myriad of challenges. Making sure you have a few online teaching tips up your sleeve will certainly enhance your virtual classroom.

However, while online language schools may give you an online curriculum to teach your EFL students, it’s up to you to bring your online EFL lessons to life.

Are you a TEFL teacher who’s mourning cancelled plans to teach abroad, considering an online career, or furloughed from your EFL teaching job? — Follow this killer online teaching advice!

Here are some top online teaching tips from a real-life successful online TEFL teacher.


EFL ONLINE TEACHING TIP #1: Look for Reliable EFL Teaching Resources

An online EFL teacher is only as good as their teaching resources. All the online teaching tips and tricks are useless if you use poor quality resources in your virtual classroom.

Look for EFL teaching resources that help to speed up your planning processes and deliver clarity to your EFL students. Make sure that lessons are correct and up-to-date, following consistent rules of grammar and language structure.

It’s also a great idea to find EFL resources that offer activities and games to diversify your lessons. Don’t bore your online EFL students!

Here are some of our favorite online English teaching resources:


EFL ONLINE TEACHING TIP #2: Find Online Teaching Tools That Ease Virtual Classroom Learning


online teaching tools teflpros witeboard


While teachers certainly aren’t known for their technological prowess, there are a whole bunch of online teaching tools that aid the mechanical flow of your virtual classroom.

Where a bricks-and-mortar class gives you a whiteboard, office supplies, recording tools, and so on, you need to find equivalent digital online classroom tools to guarantee stable classroom management.

Often when you work for online language schools, they will provide you with virtual classroom software to host your EFL tutoring sessions. If not, try tools like Skype or Zoom. For online teaching, Zoom is great for recording virtual lessons and playing them back. 

Other super useful tools include:



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EFL ONLINE TEACHING TIP #3: Up-sell Conversation Classes to Your EFL Students 

The Pareto Principle states that 80% of effect comes from 20% of effort. This is often used in business to explain that companies are better off up-selling to existing customers than expending effort to find new clients.

For an EFL tutor, finding new students can be arduous. Why not offer extra online conversational classes to EFL students that you already teach?

All you have to do is chat for an hour or so, and earn yourself an extra hour’s pay check. There’s usually little to no preparation needed, and you help your students to boost their confidence and expand their conversational vocabulary.



Presenting inspiring online English lessons is a breeze for any TEFL teacher who takes the time to prepare. With a wealth of high-quality EFL resources and tools at your fingertips, it doesn’t take much to make the leap to teaching online.

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