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We Asked TEFLPros Graduates How Our Course Prepared Them For Online Teaching (Here’s What They Said)

tefl teacher teflpros graduates


“Not only did I feel prepared after going through the course, I got an offer to teach online almost immediately. While this course features real in-class observation via video (I think around 20 hours of it), it’s quite easy to adapt what I saw in the classrooms to my online teaching experience. Plus the course taught me how to adapt it to any situation. 


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As the world has turned upside down, so has our teaching format. TEFLPros graduates and TEFL teachers all over the world have turned to online teaching. 

Luckily, thanks to the TEFLPros 120-Hour Online TEFL Course, our graduates are more than qualified to get an English teaching job online.

But beyond having an internationally-recognised online teaching certification, how else does our course prepare TEFL teachers for an online teaching career?

We asked our TEFLPros graduates. Here’s what they said. 



How was online teaching introduced to you?




“I spent almost 3 months extensively researching TEFL courses to find the program that would be the right fit for me. From the moment I began my course work with TEFLPros, I knew that I had made the right decision.”Roxanne


“Having decided to pursue a TEFL certification program I spend most of February searching – there are a lot to choose from. I read reviews, I ranked, I adjusted, changed my mind, over and over – this was a big decision and an investment. After several weeks I settled on TEFLPros. TEFLPros offered a demo of the actual course materials that allowed me to see what I was getting into and gave me the confidence to enroll.”Thomas


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  • Real video training material
  • Printable templates and worksheets
  • Coursework and assignments

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Do you think the TEFLPros course is suitable for online TEFL teaching jobs? 

“If you’re overwhelmed by all the options, I was too and I am SO glad I chose TEFLPros. I’m teaching online now with plans to move abroad toward the end of the year.”Karen


“I had a lot of skepticism about an online course (and I still think most of the ones out there are junk) but TEFLPros has definitely taken a much more professional different path. I learned a lot about planning lessons and how I can use similar strategies for whatever I’m teaching.” – Bran 


“TEFLPros was without question the right choice for my TEFL certification. Not only did I feel prepared after going through the course, I got an offer to teach online almost immediately.” Marcus


“At first, I wasn’t sure if this was the right course because it has a lot of in-person stuff. BUT the reality is that they teach you how to adapt your lesson plans for any group so I truly feel like I can teach pretty much everyone right now.” Eric

What’s the most important way that the TEFLPros course prepared you for how online teaching works?




“My online teaching has been going fantastically largely thanks to what I learned in this course. I had a lot of questions before enrolling and the TEFLPros academic team were the only ones that got back to me with REAL answers. I’m not going to name names, but the other big companies sent me cookie cutter emails with big promises and nothing personal. I didn’t get a good feel about that. On the contrary, TEFLPros took the time to answer my questions and never pressured me or dangled crazy sales.” Kara


“The material on teaching methodology also made me think about how I approach teaching. I am convinced that this experience will make my classes more enjoyable and engaging for my students.” Jenny


“Not only did I feel prepared after going through the course, I got an offer to teach online almost immediately. While this course features real in-class observation via video (I think around 20 hours of it), it’s quite easy to adapt what I saw in the classrooms to my online teaching experience. Plus the course taught me how to adapt it to any situation. From my research, no other class has this real-class observation component and I think it makes a big difference; it did for me at least.” – Marcus



How did you benefit from the TEFLPros’ team’s online teaching experience?


I learned so much on this course, way more than I was expecting! I really recommend TEFLPros for anyone who wants to teach English abroad. They prepared me in so many ways. Now I know how to lesson plan, manage a classroom, major grammar points and lots more. There were so many options for me to choose from and TEFLPros made a good case for being transparent and real about everything. The course was easy to follow and I didn’t have any issues before, during or after. My favorite part was that there was SO much video. I was never bored and all the video helped me to really understand the lessons better. It felt like I was in a classroom. They helped me get my resume formatted and connected me with lots of great jobs. I felt supported the whole time but most importantly, I feel ready to teach!” – Angie


At TEFLPros, we believe in provider top-quality TEFL education driven by our experience as online teachers.

Not only do we understand how to create and develop a dynamic online teaching curriculum, we also understand the process of getting a teaching job online.

That’s why we offer job assistance and real-world online teacher preparation to all TEFLPros graduates, including:

  • An internationally-recognized teaching certificate, qualifying you to teach online and in-person
  • Real-word online teaching skills, such as classroom management, lesson planning, and teaching practices.
  • 17 hours of real-world footage to takeaway and learn from to develop you online teaching skills
  • Our comprehensive interview preparation guide – “TEFLPros Interview and Resume Guide” with accompanying video, showing you what to expect and how to prepare
  • A Professional Portfolio to demonstrate your ability to potential online teaching employers


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How did you find the format of the TEFLPros course helped you master online teaching skills?



This course shows you how to plan a lesson from start to finish. How to use materials to make your lessons interactive. How to manage students. How to elicit questions and answers. Just so much useful content.”Kate


I can’t wait to use the lesson plans from this course. On the course, you will watch lessons taught by real teachers and you can download their lesson plans to use in your own classes (there are 18 plans!). On top of that, you have to make your own lesson plans that one of the teacher-trainers checks with you so you’ll actually have real practice and mentoring about how to plan lessons. Another thing that made TEFLPros great is that it was easy to study from my phone or iPad. don’t always want to carry my computer around with me so it was nice to be able to access the course from other devices.” Eve


“The pedagogical structure is intelligently done and effective. This stands out in comparison with other online courses. Material isn’t just put down in a PDF that you could read in a book, but is given as interactively as possible. First you do a quick exercise to get you thinking independently about the topic. The section is then ended with a portfolio assignment (that they personally grade and comment at the end!) and a re-cap quiz, both of which contribute to the learning experience.”Daniel


“I breezed through this course and am happy I chose it. Each module was easy to follow and the coursework provided real world examples and practice. I liked the balance between the videos explaining the content, the videos of the content being practiced in the classroom and the coursework.” Morgan


Want to know more about how we structure our 120-Hour Online Self-Paced TEFL? Check out our full TEFL course breakdown here.


What’s In the TEFLPros Course?  



What online teaching tools Did TEFLPros support you with?

“The support was awesome. They helped me a lot in getting my resume up to speed and helped me find lots of great jobs. I’m really glad I chose TEFLPros.”  – Sarah


“The TEFLPros course just absolutely blows the cheap junk out of the water. They have videos and activities and reflections and at the end you get feedback on all of your work so it doesn’t just go into a black hole. Thanks TEFLPros for putting something of QUALITY out there!”Kate


“I also created a portfolio during my coursework. Now I have sample lesson plans to submit for a job interview. The course is relative to what I will be doing as a TEFL instructor. They go into detail on how to plan lessons and be prepared for the adventures of teaching. It really feels that TEFLPros goes the extra mile.” Barbara




With any luck, our TEFLPros graduates have been able to give you some insider insights into how you establish a rock-solid career as an online teacher with the TEFLPros 120-Hour Online Teaching Certification.


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