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April 22, 2020
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Want to Teach Online? Choose the Right TEFL for Online English Teaching

Online English teaching is an excellent way to forge a career and generate an income from anywhere in the world, including your own home. With a wealth of online English language companies across the internet, finding an online ESL teaching position is relatively easy with the right qualifications.

However, to teach ESL online, you will most often need a Bachelor’s degree and a high-quality TEFL certification. While the internet is abundant with online TEFL courses, ensuring you choose the right one is integral to succeeding as an online English teacher.

Why Is Picking the Right TEFL So Important?

Taking a poor-quality TEFL course will not only leave you struggling to cover worthwhile content in your online teaching sessions, but you’ll also find it challenging to keep students engaged. Strung together from cliche lesson plan templates and outdated educational theory, shoddy online TEFL courses simply don’t offer the practical skills needed to be a top online ESL teacher.

Due to this, TEFL graduates who took low-grade TEFL qualifications often grapple to find good online English teaching positions with reputable online English language companies and struggle even more to keep a job if they do manage it get it. The best paid online English teaching jobs are reserved for TEFL teachers who graduate from high-quality, accredited TEFL courses.

Unfortunately, low-grade TEFL qualifications are extremely common. These courses rarely feature experienced teachers, let along teachers with experience in online English teaching. Or any teachers at all! Typically they are just a stack of documents and some multiple choice quizzes.

Highly-acclaimed international TEFL courses, such as the TEFLPros 120-hour certification, offer guidance on both educational content and lesson delivery. Top courses offer a comprehensive curriculum, delivered by trainers experienced in online English teaching, using diverse multimedia techniques.

To ensure you’re picking a high caliber TEFL certification that’s suitable for training online ESL teachers, here are some of the key qualities that make TEFLPros top of the industry.

Study The Skills for Online English Teaching From Anywhere

Traditionally, TEFL certification courses were offered in person. While comprehensive in content and delivery, often learning hours are inflexible and students need to attend in person.

For those looking to move into online English teaching, taking an online TEFL qualification may seem more practical than an in-person course. If you are considering teaching from anywhere, it makes sense to study from anywhere.

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That’s why TEFLPros have designed a thorough and varied TEFL certification online to ensure global accessibility to future TEFL teachers everywhere. By taking TEFLPros’ online English  teaching course, you can benefit from an extensive curriculum at your own pace, from a location that suits you best.

Look for International TEFL Accreditation

While there is no single accrediting body for TEFL certification courses, finding an online TEFL course that’s partnered with a legitimate accrediting authority demonstrates that the syllabus meets certain standards for teaching ESL. International accreditation bodies ensure that online English teaching courses meet rigorous standards in four key areas:

  • Ethics and integrity of the operation
  • Level of assessments
  • Trainer knowledge and expertise
  • Quality of course content

TEFLPros has partnered with globally-recognized accrediting authority, ACCREDITAT. With some of the most stringent criteria for assessing online TEFL qualifications, ACCREDITAT partners with the most revered online TEFL certificate courses to ensure top quality delivery of ESL teacher training.

By taking the TEFLPros online 120-hour TEFL course, you can rest assured that your TEFL qualification will be recognized by online English language schools around the world. Thanks to our international accreditation, we not only demonstrate high educational standards, we also ease entry to the online teaching market on a global scale.

Practical Online English Teaching Skills for Fruitful Student Interaction

Engaging students in any classroom setting can be difficult. However, when teaching English online, this discordance seems to be amplified. Due to the distance element of remote learning, you may find it challenging to interact in an authentic manner that keeps your online students focused and interactive.

To break down this barrier, new ESL teachers need hands-on tips and strategies to enthuse online learners who are limited by screen-only interaction. Where low-quality TEFL courses tend only to focus on what should be taught, graduates from these courses often struggle with how to deliver online ESL classes.

A first-rate TEFL course, like TEFLPros, will guide teachers on how to manage their online classroom, actively engage students with interactive activities, and integrate cultural awareness. These key elements should feature prominently in the TEFL course curriculum. If you’re considering a TEFL qualification that doesn’t cover these concepts in depth, you are likely to flounder — especially if you have no prior teaching experience.

Comprehensive Curriculum Materials

Many online TEFL certification courses are pretty hands-off. The coursework and curriculum in low-caliber courses will usually comprise of a series of outdated lesson plans, reams of text, and lackluster written tests. The content often covers little more than a few pointers on speaking and writing English.


In order to get a real feel for online English teaching, these hands-on skills are best taught using multimedia course materials, such as classroom observation videos, pre-recorded lecture material, and TEFL teacher interviews. Equally, your TEFL course should cover all the multifaceted elements of learning the English language and how to best deliver these components with the resources you have in your virtual classroom.

With this in mind, when selecting a TEFL course for online English teaching jobs, ensure the curriculum covers the whole gamut of language-learning and the methods for teaching. A strong course should include lessons on topics such as:

  • Teaching practice and methodology
  • Language basics
  • Lesson planning
  • Delivery of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills
  • Grammar and parts of speech
  • First and last day lesson delivery
  • Student interaction and online classroom management, and so on

Experienced TEFL Course Coaches

Anyone can slap together a TEFL course from materials found on the internet. The real quality behind topnotch TEFL courses, like TEFLPros, lies in the teaching experience of the course trainers. For those looking to become an online English teacher, having an experienced tutor support you works as an inspirational tool to maximize the quality of your student interaction.

Luckily, TEFLPros’ founders, Joc and Whitney, both have extensive teaching experience to share with course attendees as do the 6 other instructors on the course. Not only have both founders taught ESL around the world, they also both have comprehensive experience of teaching English online. This background and knowledge is incorporated into TEFLPros TEFL curriculum, giving TEFL students real-world insight into the realities, challenges, and strategies for teaching English online more effectively.

In this sense, when picking your online TEFL qualification, select a course where the trainers have proven knowledge and experience of ESL teaching in an online setting.

Relevant Takeaway Resources

Not only does TEFLPros offer 17 hours of classroom observation videos, 32 learning modules, 9 trainer chat videos, and plethora of explanatory material, the 120-hour course also provides a stack of teacher resources for the future.

Graduates of TEFLPros course receive the TEFLPros Activity Book, the TEFLPros Interview and Resume Guide, and 6 interviews with real TEFL teachers. To complement this pack, graduates also get access to full support for specific questions you may have. TEFLPros also assists graduates with putting together a professional portfolio to help apply for future online teaching jobs.

Where shabby TEFL courses will turf you out into the cold as soon as the course is finished and lock you out of their platform (TEFLPros doesn’t do this!), try to find TEFL qualifications that offer further takeaway resources to help springboard you into a solid career in teaching ESL online.

What Next?

If you’re hankering to become a TEFL certified English teacher so you can start teaching ESL online, you need a premier TEFL course to set you in good stead. Gaining a TEFL certificate from an accredited TEFL institution, like TEFLPros, will open the door to better online English teaching jobs and ensure you have the right skills to succeed as an ESL teacher.


Don’t gamble with your education. Get TEFL certified with a top international TEFL program you can trust. Check out TEFLPros 120-hour online accredited TEFL course today, and start your journey to become an online English teacher.




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