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April 1, 2020
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Leverage Lockdown – Prepare for Post-Covid Travels with an Online TEFL Course

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While the world is going mad about the Coronavirus just outside our windows, we’re housebound and pacing the floor like caged tigers. Rather than whittling away days glued to poor TV and worrying about rising tallies, harness this time to prepare for your future with an online TEFL course.

Ever thought about traveling? No doubt this hefty lockdown on everyday life has made you consider your bucket list. If you can’t wait for Coronavirus lockdown to lift so you can jetset all over the planet, an online TEFL course might just be the best way for you to spend your quarantine time.

Imagine being qualified to teach all over the world. Consider having the power to help communities all over the globe learn the English language. Picture yourself providing foreign language education for needy kids all over the planet.

Sound inviting? Here’s why you should prepare for post-pandemic travels with our TEFLPros 120-hour TEFL certification.

Get Qualified with Our Online TEFL Course in Just 20 Days

For the most vulnerable among us, coronavirus self-isolation could potentially last for several months. Rumours on social media even suggest that regular citizens may be in virus lockdown for the next few weeks at least.

Luckily, while travel restrictions are still in place, the TEFLPros 120-hour course gives you all the tools to complete your online TEFL course on your own time. Putting 6 hours a day into learning how to teach English as a second language will mean you can complete your TEFL certificate in just 20 days! By the time travel restrictions lift, you’ll be ready to teach high quality ESL education to classrooms all over the globe!

Plan Your Trip with Our Global Partnership of Vetted Schools

There’s nothing that gives you itchy feet more than planning your travel itinerary. For TEFL students getting qualified with TEFLPros, we offer much more than a simple qualification. While you may have big plans to teach all round the world, finding high-quality teaching jobs can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

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Luckily, TEFLPros offers all our students access to our global partnership network of vetted schools. This means you can plot your route around the world, making sure you have ESL teaching jobs at high quality schools throughout your whole trip.

Prepare for Your Job Prospects Before You Take Off

At TEFLPros, we believe in preparing our TEFL students for the next steps in securing ESL teaching jobs. That’s why we offer all our online TEFL students vital interview preparation, as well as guidance on how to put together a professional portfolio to present to prospective employers.

Having been through the process ourselves many times, we’re extremely experienced in what potential employers are looking for in English teachers. That’s why we take the time to deliver tips and strategies to help our students present themselves correctly.

Use this lockdown time wisely to read through our “TEFLPros Interview and Resume Guide” with accompanying video, along with our materials to help you build a professional portfolio.

Get a Feel For the Real-Life Role Before Setting Foot in a Classroom

Straight after taking an online TEFL course, many students throw themselves in at the deep end by getting a job in a school without any understanding of classroom culture.

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At TEFLPros, we don’t simply teach our online TEFL course to give you a TEFL certificate. Our comprehensive online TEFL course aims to prepare you to become adept at classroom management. That’s why we offer 17 hours of real-life in-classroom observation footage, lesson planning video instructions with 10 full examples, and Trainer Chat videos with personal insider insights into classroom culture.

Utilize your time in Covid lockdown to get a deeper understanding of how classrooms function, using our personal experiences to get a picture of the practicalities of teaching ESL and the challenges you might face.

Build a Library of ESL Resources to Help You Out in the World

While a TEFL course will teach you how to teach ESL, it’s a lot to take in at once. It can be a challenge to remember all these lessons when out in the real world. One of the best ways to prepare for the future of ESL teaching is to ensure you have a library of resources that you can refer back to.

Taking the TEFLPros course provides you with a catalog of take-away resources that you can use in the future. These include the TEFLPros Activity Book, the TEFLPros Interview and Resume Guide, and 6 interviews with real TEFL teachers on their experiences. You’ll also have free access to ACCREDITAT’s developmental materials and resources.

By signing up to the TEFLPros 120-hour course now, you can gather all your ESL materials in advance, to ensure your resource library is ready for your post-lockdown travels.


So what are you waiting for? Check out our free trial today to see how you can leverage Covid lockdown to prep for your post-Covid travels. 




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