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Jos, founder of TEFLPros

Real Value for the Real World

“At TEFLPros, we understand that everyone’s TEFL journey is different, which is why we have a diverse range of partners. Our partners recommend us because we consistently deliver high quality training, help our grads start working quickly and don’t treat our students like a number. This is a big life decision – you should have real people to talk with.”
—Jos, TEFLPros founder

The TEFLPros
120 Hour Digital TEFL Course

By combining high-quality instruction, full accreditation and practical skill-building techniques with dozens of real-life classroom and instructional videos, TEFLPros brings Real Value to an Online Education.

TEFLPros Checks ALL the Boxes

High-Quality Instruction
Full Accreditation
Practical Skill-Building
Time Flexibility
Location Independence

All in a digital format that keeps you engaged and
motivated to learn!

“TEFLPros was my first ever online course experience. I liked how we got to be creative and think like teachers when we created lesson plans and I loved watching the lesson plans we learned about being put into action during the live classroom videos. It was great!”
—Katharine, USA

Our Partners

Fully Accredited via ACCREDITAT

ACCREDITAT Accreditation

Consistently the highest rated course on both GoOverseas & GoAbroad

Go Overseas

Featured on The Blonde Abroad & Nomadic Matt

The Blonde Abroad
Nomadic Matt

Featured on TEFL Industry sites like ESL Authority, Ajarn, and Goats on the Road

ESL Authority
Online TEFL course featured on Goats on the Road

Only TEFL Course to be an Official Member of the Gap Year Association

Gap Year Association Member

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5 Quick Questions
and 5 Quick Answers

  1. How much is the course?
    Full 120-hour certification is an affordable $349. Think of it like this – you can earn back the cost of your lifetime certification after working just 10-20 hours!
  2. Can I teach online with TEFLPros certification?
    Yes! About 40% of our graduates teach online only. We prepare you with the necessary skills for all teaching environments – online and in-person.
  3. Do you provide job assistance?
    Absolutely. We have won awards for it actually. It’s in our best interest to have our grads working as soon as possible. We take a consultative approach and assist as much or as little as you want in order to help you land the dream job. We’ve got your back.
  4. Any bonus materials?
    We’ve got lots of extras for you! The course comes with The TEFLPros Activity Book (rated the number one best EFL book by Book Authority), Interview Guide, Resume Guide, Online Teaching Guide, Interviews with 6 Real Teachers and a School Director plus award winning support to direct you toward specific resources for all different kinds of teaching situations.
  5. How do I start?
    You can register for the full certification course by clicking here:

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Whitney, founder of TEFLPros

There’s nothing else like it!

“We value transparency. That’s why we make a module of our course available for free. That’s why we have real people answering your questions. That’s why we don’t use high pressure sales tactics. And that’s why our partners recommend us.”
— Whit, TEFLPros founder

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