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3 Fun Getting to Know You Activities for the Online Classroom

We’ve chosen some of our favorite in-person Getting to Know You activities, and tweaked them to fit the online classroom!

Things to Do Before Purchasing an Online TEFL 

You know you want to teach English online or abroad, but now what? We’ve put together a list of things to do before purchasing an online TEFL.

Can I teach English if I’m a non-native speaker?

Can I teach English if I’m a non-native speaker? YES! As a matter of fact, you can use being a non-native English teacher to your advantage!

Join these TEFL FB Groups NOW To Jumpstart Your Job Search!

Are you ready to begin your TEFL career, but don’t know how to start? Join these TEFL FB groups now to jumpstart your TEFL job search! 

Volunteer TEFL Opportunities You Can Start NOW!

As a new EFL teacher, how do you get experience? Here’s our list of volunteer TEFL opportunities you can start NOW!

Our Favorite Warm Up Activities [Online Approved!]

The “pros” here at TEFLPros have chosen some of our favorite in-person Warm Ups, and tweaked them to fit the online classroom!

5 Free Resources for Teaching Business English

Business professionals across the globe want to improve their English language skills. Read on to learn about 5 free resources for teaching Business English.

Teaching Abroad Without a TEFL Certificate: Here’s What It’s Really Like [Guest Post]

Have you considered teaching abroad without a TEFL certificate? Here’s what it’s really like from someone who tried it.

How To Teach English Without A Degree

Thinking about teaching English online or abroad, but don’t have a college degree? Check out our guide on how to teach without a degree.

Our Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching EFL Using TED Talks

Are you interested in teaching business English? Read on for some great tips in our step-by-step guide to teaching EFL using TED Talks! 

4 FREE Resources for Teaching Kids Online

Are you in need of some free resources for teaching kids online? Keep reading to learn our favorite apps and websites!

8 Useful Items for Teaching Little Language Learners Online

Need some help teaching English to kids? Read on to learn our 8 useful items for teaching little language learners online!

How to Avoid Zoom Fatigue

Amid a pandemic that has kept us separated from loved ones for months on end, Zoom has become our main mode of communication. In this post we are tackling how to avoid Zoom fatigue with some simple tips to keep your body and mind healthy.

How to Stand Out as an Online Teacher to Adults With a Great INTRO Video

Wondering about how to start teaching online to adults? Keep reading to learn how to stand out with a great intro video.

10 Free TEFL Resources [for the Solopreneur]

Wondering about options for online teaching? Consider going it alone – be a Solopreneur! Keep reading to learn about 10 free TEFL resources for the solopreneur, discovered by our very own resident insider.

The Real Impact of an English Education

English is truly the international language of today’s world. Today we wanted to take a minute and reflect on the real impact of an English education.

[Part 2] Earn More Teaching Online With These Simple Tips [ft. VIPKid]

Due to the pandemic, more TEFL teachers than ever before are teaching online. So, it’s more important than ever to know your way around popular online platforms like VIPKid. Here is our follow-up insider look at how to earn more teaching online!

Earn More Teaching Online With These Simple Tips [ft. VIPKid]

Ready to increase your bookings and earn more as an English teacher in 2021? Read on to learn how to earn more teaching online with these simple tips (ft. VIPKid).

3 Types of Sites to Jump Start your TEFL Job Search

3 Types of Sites to Jump Start your TEFL Job Search   Not sure where to start your TEFL job search? You’re not alone! In this post we take a look at three types of sites to help you launch your TEFL job search and ultimately […]

5 Fun TEFL Lessons using The Night Before Christmas

5 Fun TEFL Lessons using The Night Before Christmas     With the holiday season in full swing, why not take some time out to share the beloved The Night Before Christmas poem with your students?  We developed these 5 fun TEFL lessons using this lighthearted […]

How to Teach English Abroad: The Ultimate 2021 Guide

Got your TEFL certificate and are wondering where you can safely teach abroad in 2021? Here’s our How to Teach English Abroad: The Ultimate 2021 Guide. It’s full of answers to all of our most frequently asked questions – everything from qualifications to available jobs. Plus, there’s an entire section devoted to everything you need to know to work abroad during COVID – from safe ways to travel to the safest places to teach.  You’re welcome! 

TEFL Teachers Abroad: Living in China for a Year

Enjoy this insight into how Goats on the Road lived as TEFL teachers abroad in China. From the rewarding relationships they built with the children to the incredible skills the acquired, Goats on the Road delve into why having a TEFL was a game-changer while traveling and working.

How to Teach Business English Online and Abroad

Just like teaching adults online and teaching kids online, there are plenty of online business ESL schools that offer online TEFL jobs. Here are our top picks for online business English teaching jobs for teaching business English online. Find out more about teaching business online and abroad in this guide.

Learn Everything About TEFL Jobs – FAQs

Salaries for TEFL jobs vary considerably, depending on your situation. If you’re teaching abroad, your salary ranges depending on the kind of school you work in. If you work in a fancy international school with a world-renowned reputation, you’ll likely earn big bucks. Equally, if you work in a country with a high GDP, you’ll earn higher wages. Some TEFL teachers in high-wage earning positions abroad can earn $3000+ a month. Sometimes this may also include subsidies for rent.

Teach English to Kids Online: 6 Top ESL Companies

The only qualification you need to teach English to kids online is an internationally-accredited TEFL qualification. Rated #1 on GoOverseas, the TEFLPros 120-Hour Online TEFL Certification is all you need to qualify as an online teacher for kids. Our comprehensive self-paced online teacher training program will run you through all the skills you need to be a killer online teacher.

What TEFL Careers Exist? Teaching and Beyond

Many TEFL teachers go on to create ESL teaching resources for online and in-person TEFL teachers. This is one of the most flexible careers. Craft packs of reading resources, books of writing worksheets, listening podcasts, or speaking flashcards. If you’re more technologically-minded, why not create downloadable teaching packs, activity books, or interactive ESL resources.

Online vs in person TEFL: Which to Take

If you want to be a teacher, training can be expensive. For those without a degree, it can be hard to break into teaching without spending thousands of dollars. However, with a TEFL, you can teach ESL without a degree. When you look at online vs in person TEFL training, could spend $2000+ on an in person TEFL course, or choose an online course, which is far more affordable. 

Teach English Online to Adults: 8 Online ESL Schools

Teaching kids not your thing? Don’t worry, as on online TEFL teacher, you have access to a whole realm of teaching positions where you only teach adults. If you’re looking to teach English online to adults, read on to find out which online ESL schools come up trumps.

Can You Teach English Online Without a Degree? Yes! Here’s how.

With then new normal squarely upon us, you might be wondering what your next move should be. Teaching English online can be a great choice even if you don’t have a college degree. In this post we’re sharing 7 online schools that accept English teachers without degrees.


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Shy Learners: How to Build Student Confidence in your Online TEFL Classroom

If you want to foster engagement, light the spark. It’s not hard to engineer your curriculum to fit topics that enliven your shy students. Build student confidence by finding something they’re good at and talking about this.

3 Reasons TEFL Certificate Accreditation is a MUST

The thing that determines the premium TEFL courses from the pauper programs, is international TEFL certificate accreditation. When you see that a TEFL course is internationally accredited by a reputable TEFL accreditation body, you can rest assured that the course will be good. When you’re asking yourself ‘what TEFL course should I choose?’ — you can immediately rule out TEFL courses that aren’t globally recognized.

China: TEFL Industry COVID Update for TEFL Teachers

If you need help searching for a TEFL teaching position in China, we have direct access to TEFL industry COVID updates, so we can assist with your job search in China.

Make sure you have a solid resume, along with your TEFL certificate, TEFLPros Portfolio, and other qualifications.

You should practice interviewing and prepare evidence of your experience.

Prepare for The Next Normal: Qualify with TEFLPros

Since the Next Normal looks as though it will be characterized by long periods of lockdown, it seems smart to provide yourself with a digital career so you can pivot if quarantine hits again.

Many TEFL teachers have already started pivoting to offer their teaching services online. You’ll see many online English schools recruiting new TEFL teachers. 

For those with a TEFL certification, digital and online teaching is going to be a prominent platform for delivering English classes. In this respect, choose a TEFL course that’s heavy on online teaching, like TEFLPros 120-Hour Online TEFL certification.

6 Reasons an Online TEFL is Invaluable as Lockdown Lifts

When it comes to scheduling online English classes, you get the ultimate flexibility in freelance online teaching vs online language schools.
You choose your schedule and pick students that fit this time frame.  While you pick your schedule initially with an online language school, there is less flexibility later on. You have to commit to a certain number of hours in specific days and times.
Remember that many online language schools are based in Asia, which may not work with your timezone. 

Freelance Online Teaching vs Online Language Schools: How to Choose

When it comes to scheduling online English classes, you get the ultimate flexibility in freelance online teaching vs online language schools.
You choose your schedule and pick students that fit this time frame.  While you pick your schedule initially with an online language school, there is less flexibility later on. You have to commit to a certain number of hours in specific days and times.
Remember that many online language schools are based in Asia, which may not work with your timezone. 

Already a TEFL Teacher? 5 Ways to Boost Your Online Teaching Salary

Use extra conversation classes to speak more contextually with students about their own lives and interests. This helps your ESL students to grasp the important vocabulary that’s relevant to their lives. If you currently only teach group lessons, this is a big winner to boost your online teaching salary. You can put up your online teaching salary per class as you are offering one-on-one conversational meetings, which is an upgrade from group English lessons.

4 Types of TEFL Jobs for TEFL-Certified Teachers Available Right Now

Not able to travel right now? That’s no problem. Why not become a TEFL teacher in your home country or the country you reside in currently. Take the United States, for example. While you can’t work as a TEFL teacher in a school in most states, there are still plenty of jobs for TEFL-certified teachers in private language companies and language consultancy agencies.

[GUEST POST] 6 Tips to be an Effective Online English Teacher

Don’t forget to go over your online lesson materials, which may include real-time interactive quizzes that you should know how to operate during the lesson. Knowing how to use your online teaching tools and materials beforehand will allow you to be an effective online English teacher.

How to Make Money as a Freelance Online TEFL Teacher

Working for an online languages school has its advantages: guaranteed hours, set salaries, and consistent students.  However, often these hours don’t work well for TEFL teachers or the salary is lower than you can command on your own. This is why you should consider becoming a freelance online TEFL teacher.

Teach Abroad Now: 60 Countries You Can Travel to in July 2020

For those who would like to travel to Mexico, coronavirus border lockdown measures are still tight but you can enter for work. That said, there aren’t many hotels open, so if you’re teaching abroad in Mexico, make sure you have accommodation sorted beforehand. To teach abroad now in Mexico, make sure you have a TEFL qualification to secure a job beforehand.

We Asked TEFLPros Graduates How Our Course Prepared Them For Online Teaching (Here’s What They Said)

“Not only did I feel prepared after going through the course, I got an offer to teach online almost immediately. While this course features real in-class observation via video (I think around 20 hours of it), it’s quite easy to adapt what I saw in the classrooms to my online teaching experience. Plus the course taught me how to adapt it to any situation. 

Online Teaching Essentials for Your 2020 TEFL Virtual Classroom

High-quality TEFL worksheets, activity books, teaching frameworks, lesson plans, and English teaching resources are invaluable online teaching essentials.
Don’t settle for scrappy, disorganized lesson planning and poorly worded worksheets. 
Create a tailored English learning curriculum that embraces all facets of the language learning process using digital TEFL resources. 

2x Your Stay at Home Mom Salary for More Free Time with TEFLPros!

Aiming to solve these obstacles, Jos and Whit believe in crafting accessible, high-quality ESL education, so that everyone can grow their ambitions, enter a rewarding job, and earn a decent annual salary.

That’s why the TEFLPros course is a popular solution if you’re a working mother. It’s designed for real people becoming real teachers in real life.

5 Gap Year Disadvantages (+ How a TEFL Certificate Solves Them)

Children and adults all over the world are crying out for English teachers. Taking a TEFL gap year offers you the opportunity to connect and grow with cultures from all over the world, learning alongside each other. Not only will you craft bonds that last a lifetime, you’ll gather a years’ worth of unforgettable memories. 

7 Unexpected Reasons a TEFL Gap Year is a Good Idea

Children and adults all over the world are crying out for English teachers. Taking a TEFL gap year offers you the opportunity to connect and grow with cultures from all over the world, learning alongside each other. Not only will you craft bonds that last a lifetime, you’ll gather a years’ worth of unforgettable memories. 

“TEFL Changed My Life” – TEFLPros Founder, Jos Pollak, on Why Take a TEFL 

Today, we hear from TEFLPros Co-Founder and international TEFL trainer & teacher, Jocelyn Pollak.

Having travelled widely, Jocelyn has leveraged her TEFL qualification to teach both online and in-person all over the world. 

Transitioning from the hectic world of sales, Jocelyn walked away from her stressful, overworked schedule, to pursue a more rewarding journey in EFL teaching — before later founding GoOversea’s #1 online TEFL provider, TEFLPros.

6 Online Teaching Zoom Free Alternatives for Virtual Classroom Learning

In the era of data security, it’s important that you’re not the missing link in your business’s chain. You don’t want a hacker accessing yours or your student private data through a security flaw in a Zoom virtual English lesson. 

Kiss Job Hunting Goodbye: 6 TEFL Stay at Home Work Opportunities

As a TEFL teacher, you can offer Business English consultancy services to small, medium, and large-scale enterprises.
If you’d like to go down the corporate route, try using an online business language school, such as Open English or Learnlight, as these organizations will supply you with clients and a decent salary. 
Alternatively, set up your own website and advertise your services as an independent English language agency for businesses.

Gap Year vs College – How a TEFL Changes Things

TEFL teachers are able to offer colleges concrete examples of the soft skills that they have developed and practiced throughout their gap year. By productively using time toward practical skill development, gap year TEFL teachers become more appealing to college admissions.

Need Work From Home Ideas? Why Not Teach? Try This FREE 2-Day TEFL

The uncertainty that surrounds us leaves us asking ourselves ‘will work from home be the new normal?’ However, perhaps the question isn’t ‘Will work from home become the norm?’ but whether it’s even possible.For TEFL teachers, the dream of permanently working from home is very real.

Online Teaching Tips for TEFL Teachers – From a Real Online EFL Teacher

A top online EFL teaching tip is to deliver lessons using the 3 P’s: Presentation, Practice, and Production. This means that you show your EFL students a new English language skill, have them practice, and then direct them to produce a piece of work to demonstrate this.

10 Reasons Every Stay-at-Home Mom Needs an Online TEFL Certificate in 2020

Instead of pressuring yourself to get out there before you’re ready (or at all!), why not consider crafting your career from home? With a TEFLPros online TEFL certification, you’ll have the credibility, know-how, and qualifications to teach online directly from your home. All you’ll need is a laptop, internet connection, and a few teaching props, and you’re making money from home!

6 Novel Ways to Enhance Your Gap Year with a TEFL

Planning your travels will give you a little more direction, ushering in a far more fulfilling sense of purposefulness. With a TEFL qualification, you can plan your journey more mindfully. With a globally-recognized TEFL certification, you are far more appealing to the volunteer projects, schools, and language centers that matter to you. 

Program Highlight: TeachDiscoverChina

Are you interested in teaching in China? Check out TeachDiscoverChina (TDC), a TEFL placement organization based in Sichuan!

Want to Teach Online? Choose the Right TEFL for Online English Teaching

To find the best online English teaching jobs, find a high-quality TEFL that will teach you the specific skills you’ll need – Try TEFLPros today!

WFH in 2020? – 5 Ingenious Ways to Teach English Online with a TEFL 

Whether your are being forced to work from home or you’d like to try a remote teaching position, a TEFL gives you the opportunity to teach English online.

A 2020 Guide to Choose the Best Online TEFL Programs [+ Avoid Bad Ones]

Know the difference between high-quality online TEFL programs, like TEFLPros, and fly-by night cheap imitations. Here’s how to find the best TEFL courses.

Deliver More Engaging Online English Lessons in 2020. Here’s How!

Your online English lessons don’t have to be boring. Spice up your virtual English classes and you’ll find your ESL students’ engagement soars.

The Best Places to Teach English in Vietnam

With an estimated population of over 97 million, there is ample opportunity to teach English in Vietnam. Here are our top tips of where to look!

The Best Places to Teach English in Japan

English teachers in Japan are both well paid and well respected. Japan is an unforgettable place to start your career as an ESL teacher.

Program Highlight: ESL Authority

ESL Authority is a site dedicated to helping teachers make informed decisions related to teaching abroad. In addition to an active job board, we provide free in-depth hiring guides as well as interviews and insights from former teachers.

Leverage Lockdown – Prepare for Post-Covid Travels with an Online TEFL Course

Prepare your post-covid lockdown travels by completing an online TEFL course. When lockdown lifts, you’ll be ready to teach English anywhere in the world!

The Best Places to Teach English in Taiwan

The subtropical climate is one of the most appealing aspects of emigrating to Taiwan to teach English. Check out our top four areas in Taiwan.

The Best Places to Teach English in Thailand

Famed as a hot spot for travelers, Thailand also reigns as one of the top stops to teach English abroad. The magnetic capital, Bangkok, is the at the epicenter of the teaching market but for those seeking something more serene, the seductive charm of Chiang Mai and the sun-kissed south await.

The Best Places to Teach English in Russia

With a population of over 140 million, there are opportunities all year round to teach in Russia; and not just in schools. Here is our top list!

TEFL Activities: Present Continuous Practice

Present continuous can be one of the most fun tenses to teach because it’s all about action. Here’s an activity that our students always have fun with.

Conversation Starters in the TEFL Classroom

What comes after, “Hello, how are you…”? Here are some great conversation starters that you can teach your students so that they feel more prepared for real life.

Worried about Covid-19? Here’s why now is the PERFECT time to start your TEFL course…

For those considering TEFL certification, the Covid-19 global crisis presents a unique opportunity for would be teachers.

Learning Service in the TEFL Industry

What does the TEFL industry have to do with the concept of learning service? In this post we will explore how this concept relates to the world of TEFL.

Volunteering Abroad Can Do Harm – But It Doesn’t Have To

International volunteering is often marketed as a fun and easy way to change the world – basically a vacation with added “do-gooder” benefits. But it is often much more complicated than it originally seems.

Why We Are Grateful We Taught English Abroad

For the 2018 holiday season TEFLPros’ decided to do a little reflection of our own. Here are our top 10 reasons why we’re grateful we taught English abroad.

The Best Places to Teach English in China

China is a mecca for teachers who want to work abroad. Keep reading to find out the best places to teach English in China.

China: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Teaching English overseas is growing in popularity. Keep reading China: What You Need to Know Before You Go to learn our insider tips. 

Teaching English in China: The Survival Guide

Are you interested in teaching English in China? If the answer is yes, then look no further. Here are 5 of our top tips to help you survive as a newbie.

Program Highlight: A Way Abroad

Have you considered teaching English abroad, but feel stuck about how to make it happen? That’s where our friends at A Way Abroad come in. Keep reading to learn more about their business of keeping you in the know about employment opportunities, country specifics – and more! 

Program Highlight: Flying Cows

Want to teach English overseas…without the bull? Then check out our feature on Flying Cows below! They will take you step-by-step through the process of landing your dream job, without the hassle, overwhelm, and stress.

Program Highlight: Little Fox

If Korea is a destination you’ve considered for teaching abroad, then Little Fox might be for you. Keep reading to learn more about this language center and its multimedia approach to English language learning!

Program Highlight: The Red Sweater Project

f you see yourself as a changemaker, Red Sweater Project might be just the program for you. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting opportunity to live abroad and make a difference!

The Ultimate List of TEFL Essentials

It’s almost that time again: the beginning of the school year! Keep reading to learn our ultimate list of TEFL essentials! 

Teaching English in Thailand Quick Guide

Are you considering a move to the Land of Smiles? Ever wondered what it’d be like to teach English in one of the most sought after locales on the planet? Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of teaching English in Thailand! 

Essential Office Supplies for Your Teacher Bag

Every new teacher wonders how to best prepare themselves for life in the classroom. And problem solving is a big part of teaching. If you have the right tools at your disposal, you’ll feel prepared and confident. So in this article we explore the essential office supplies for your teacher bag. While you can’t carry the whole office with you to class, if you always have these items on hand, it will make your life a whole lot easier! 

4 Ways to Celebrate in the TEFL Classroom

4 Ways to Celebrate in the TEFL Classroom   In this season of graduations and impending summer vacation, we thought it would be appropriate to reflect on different ways to bring the celebration into the classroom. Keep reading to learn 4 ways to celebrate in the […]

What’s Holding You Back From a Career in TEFL?

What’s holding you back from a career in TEFL? Well after living and breathing this industry for over a decade, we’ve heard it all. And we’re here to tell you that those fears are 100% normal. Keep reading to learn the top 5 fears that hold people back and our thoughts on how to overcome each one.

3 Tips for a Calmer Classroom

With summer break soon upon us, it’s only natural that things get a little rowdy in the classroom.  So what better time to revisit some techniques to combat the crazy? Keep reading to learn 3 of our tips for maintaining a calmer classroom this season.

4 Grammar Reference Books That Will Change Your Life

It’s no secret that most new EFL teachers dread teaching grammar lessons. Grammar lessons can have a level of detail to them that frightens many away. Well fear not fellow English teachers! In this article we will explore four books that can serve as your trusty confidants in the quest to properly teach the subject of English grammar. Keep reading to learn the four grammar reference books that will change your life!

5 Tips to Become a Better Teacher

Lately we’ve been thinking a lot about the personal growth side of living and teaching abroad. And along with that, we’ve been reflecting on how we have grown as teachers over the years. In this post we are sharing 5 simple tips to help you become a better teacher.

Our Favorite Travel Books

A trip just isn’t complete without a good book to enjoy during your down time. Books are also a wonderful entry point to explore a new destination, culture, cuisine – you name it! In this article we’ve listed some of our favorite books to inspire and support you on your travels. Keep reading to find out our top picks for your travel library!

Program Highlight: Travels While Teaching

One of the best memories I’ve had while traveling and teaching was when I hiked the towns of Cinque Terra, Italy! It was the most amazing feeling – standing on top of the mountain, looking at one of the most beautiful sites I’ve seen, thinking to myself…I made it. I did it. That was the moment I realized, anything was possible!

3 Things We Wish We Had Done Over Spring Break

Spring break is one of the highlights of a college career. And if you’re a graduating senior this year, it’s also the last break in schoolwork you’ll have prior to graduation. Keep reading to learn the three things we wish we had done to maximize our Spring breaks.

Program Highlight: Wanderlust Exchange

Ever considered living abroad in China? Well this program offered by our friends at Wanderlust Exchange might be just what you’ve been looking for! Keep reading to find out how you can work, study, and travel in China for 3 to 6 months on this exciting program.

The Best Travel Gear for Couples

It’s the month of love and that means we get to share some of our best tips for traveling as a couple. While it may come with its own set of challenges, hitting the road with your romantic sidekick can offer the experience of a lifetime. Keep reading to find out our favorite finds for traveling duos.

Getting Started in the TEFL Classroom

Congratulations! You have just completed your TEFL certification. Now the question is – what’s next? In this article we are setting out the key items we think should top your “new teacher to-do list”.

How We Got Started in TEFL

This month’s theme is Get Started! So throughout January we will be sharing stories of how people just like you got started on their own TEFL journey. In this article Jocelyn and I will give some insights about our own backgrounds and what led us to TEFL.

Teaching English Online: How to Get Started

Teaching English online is becoming a more attractive option for people who want to work online from home or abroad. The question is – where do you start?

How to Survive the Holidays: TEFL Edition

What happens to your holiday cheer when you find yourself living alone thousands of miles away from your friends and family? In this article we are going to share our top tips for making the most of the holiday season as an EFL teacher living abroad.

What is a TEFL Certification? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you are interested in teaching English abroad, you must understand the basics of a TEFL certification. In this article we explain what a TEFL certification is and how to choose a course that’s right for you.

5 Things to Watch Out for When Shopping for an Online TEFL Course

In today’s ever changing world of online learning, you have to do your research in order to find a course that is truly high-quality. TEFL certifications are no exception. Here are 5 things to watch out for when shopping for a TEFL course online.

Signs You Should Consider an Online TEFL Certification

In the changing educational landscape of today, online courses are becoming increasingly desirable. Here are some signs that you should consider an online TEFL certification.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Searching for a TEFL Course

Finding the perfect TEFL course can be challenging. That’s why we’re helping you out with 7 questions to ask yourself when you are on the hunt for the TEFL course that best fits your needs.

5 Key Things to Look for in an Online TEFL Course

You know you want to go abroad and teach, but now what? You need to choose a TEFL certification. If you decide that online training is the best path for you, here are our 5 key things to look for in an online TEFL course.

Five Common TEFL Interview Questions

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? We’ve all heard this as one of the most common interview questions. But when it comes to your first TEFL interview, what kind of questions should you expect?

Getting a TEFL Job

The most common question we get from prospective TEFL course takers is “can I get a job?” Perhaps you are one of these people wondering whether you can get a TEFL job, and whether you’re qualified. In this article, we are going to try to demystify the TEFL job question.

Healthy Teachers Are Happier: Natural Ways to Boost Your Immunity During Cold and Flu Season

Looking for ways to stay healthy this season? Read on to learn 4 natural ways teachers can boost their immunity and beat those cold weather blues.

Four Types of Students You Find in the EFL Classroom

Ever wonder what happens within the four walls of an EFL classroom? Read on to learn four of the most common types of students you may encounter.

Teaching English Abroad? Learn How to Make Your First Day Lessons Count

Teaching English Abroad? Learn How to Make Your First Day Lessons Count In this post we share some concrete tips for getting the most out of your first day lessons in the EFL classroom. For more info on first day lesson planning make sure to visit […]

Moving Abroad To Teach English? Here’s What To Pack…

Want to teach EFL abroad? Here are some tips on what to pack to help make your transition overseas as smooth as possible.

How Your College Major Can Help You As A TEFL Professional

You may be thinking, I’m not an English major, how can I teach EFL? In fact, EFL teachers come from all sorts of different educational backgrounds.

Teaching English Abroad: The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Everyone says the dream job is to find something you love so much that you would do it for free. For many, teaching English abroad is that job.

Shopping Activities [EFL Lesson Ideas]

Shopping activities are a staple in the EFL classroom. In this post we are sharing one of our all time favorites!

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